How to exercise your dog

Exercise is vital to all dogs; big or small; overweight, ideal weight or underweight. They rely on us to give them the exercise they need to stay healthy.

All dogs need daily exercise (especially if they’re trying to lose weight or improve fitness) but how much exercise your dog needs depends on their breed, age, health and even personality. For example, some dogs may prefer a long leisurely walk, whereas others prefer multiple shorter walks split up throughout the day.

Exercise helps keep your dog physically healthy and also improves their mental health. Getting outdoors in different environments will keep their brains and bodies active. They love to sniff and explore, so we need to ensure they have plenty of opportunities to do so.

Exercise is vital to keep our furry friends stimulated. Unless your vet advises otherwise, they’ll need at least one walk a day to ensure they’re getting enough exercise. But you can also incorporate games and playtime into your dog’s daily routine to keep things fun inbetween walks.

If you do decide to mix up your dog’s exercise, make changes gradually so your dog has time to adjust and doesn’t get injured over-exercising.

Remember, if you have any questions or concerns, your vet will be happy to help guide you on the best way to exercise your pooch.

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