Exercising your kitten

Just like any other pet, kittens need daily exercise to keep them mentally and physically fit and healthy. Exercising your kitten is all about having fun together, and playtime is the purr-fect way for you to keep your feline friend active throughout the day. Ensuring your kitten gets used to regular exercise from an early age will also help them develop healthy habits and remain active as they get older.

Exercising at home

To protect them from diseases and prevent unwanted litters, kittens need to stay at home and exercise inside until they’ve been neutered, microchipped and fully vaccinated (you can book an appointment for this from 9 weeks of age). This means that during the first weeks of your kitten’s life with you, playtime is an essential part of their physical and mental development.

Play more!

Kittens love playtime. Whether they’re pouncing and bouncing or creeping and leaping, your furry friend loves nothing more than being physically and mentally stimulated. You should aim to play with your kitten in 10-15 minute bursts at times when they’re active and looking to explore.

Play should be mentally stimulating to improve eye-paw coordination and help kittens explore their environment. You can use different toys to mimic prey and capture their attention - toy mice, feather toys, and balls, for example, are all great options to keep them engaged! For more inspiration, visit the PDSA Pet Store for our range of pet-approved cat toys.

Time to rest

It’s hard work being a kitten! Our feline friends need lots of sleep to recharge and replenish their energy levels. When playing with your kitten, follow their signals and never force them to carry on playing once they’ve lost interest. After playtime has ended, your kitten needs a warm and comfortable bed where they can take themselves off to rest (this should be located in a quiet area of your home).

For more top tips and expert vet advice on exercising and feeding your new four-legged friend, our handy guide is free to download and includes everything you need to know to help your kitten grow into a healthy cat.