Events: Coronavirus and volunteering at an event with PDSA

There’s been a lot about Coronavirus in the news lately and we at PDSA want to keep our volunteers as safe as possible from any spread of the virus. For this reason, we’re taking a few precautions.

We love being able to get out and about to big events and volunteers like you make this possible and are a huge help in getting the PDSA message out there. However the spread of Coronavirus (or Covid-19) might affect some of these events so we’re monitoring the situation closely.

Although we’ll still do our very best to attend these events, circumstances out of our control may mean we need to cut attendance or even cancel altogether. While we don’t want this to happen, the safety of our volunteers is really important to us and we will follow any guidelines recommended by the government or the event organisers.

We’ll be updating this page regularly to let you know if any events have been cancelled or if we’ve had to reduce the number of volunteers attending with us. If this is the case at any event, we would love for you to join us on the road again next year so keep your eyes peeled for volunteering opportunities at events in the future!

All upcoming events currently going ahead as planned.



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Worried about Coronavirus?

If you’re worried about Coronavirus, we’d recommend following the official guidance such as washing your hands regularly to prevent the spread.

As an animal lover, you might also want to read our vets’ advice on Coronavirus and pets.