Turkish Van Breed Information

Turkish Vans are usually very active and love playing. Due to the speed of their movements, they can be quite clumsy and may knock things over during their energetic play.

You are unlikely to hear a Turkish Van but may find that they will join you in the shower due to their love of water! They are unlikely to curl up quietly on your lap, preferring to be high up.

Breed-related health problems:

Turkish Van are not known to have any hereditary health issues, and are seemingly a healthy breed.

Coat care:

Although they have semi longhair, there is no undercoat to cause matts or tangles. Weekly grooming is often enough to keep the coat in top condition.

Estimated cost over lifetime:

These costs are based on essential items such as:

This does not include initial purchase cost, non-essential items (such as holiday care) or potential veterinary treatment of which an excess needs to be paid before your pet may be covered by pet insurance.

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Rehoming from a reputable source:

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Energy levels
Overall grooming needs
Compatibility with other pets
Tendency to vocalise
Lap cat
Tendency to climb jump
Average lifespan 12-14 years
Coat length Long
Possible health problems Nothing specific
Average purchase cost £200
Estimated cost over lifetime £13,600-£15,800
Average weight 5.6kg
Breed group Semi Longhair

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