PDSA vets save a feline star

11 December 2017

Help PDSA save more stars like Marley this Christmas

Lovable black and white cat Marley will be safe at home with his family this Christmas – thanks to the miracle workers at our Manchester Pet Hospital. PDSA vets came to the rescue after Marley crawled home in agony one dark, rainy night.

Worried Gaynor (50) from South Manchester, rushed Marley to PDSA, where he was given immediate pain-relief and X-rayed. Vets found he had a severe break to his front right leg, caused by a suspected road traffic accident.

Such a diagnosis would be hard to take for any pet owners. But one-year-old Marley holds an extra special role in the Hughes family. He came into their lives after Gaynor’s husband died of cancer. With his loving nature he provided much-needed companionship and comfort, especially to the youngest daughter Erin. So when Marley was found in such a critical condition, the family were frantic with worry.

Gaynor said: “We were all grieving as a family. We took on Marley to help with the healing process. Erin has developed a very special bond with him, they are best friends. He’s been a brilliant focus for both of the girls during a very difficult time.

“Because of this bond I was so fraught with worry when I found Marley in such a sorry state. I couldn’t bear anything to happen to him when we’ve been through so much already.”

Carol Jenkinson, Veterinary Surgeon Team Leader at PDSA said: “Poor Marley was not in a good way when he was brought into the hospital; he was limping and had no use of his right leg. He was clearly in a lot of pain, hissing when we tried to examine him. And with a break this severe, sadly the only option for Marley was to amputate.”

Marley underwent lengthy surgery to amputate his leg, and thanks to the hard work, skill and care of PDSA vets and vet nurses, the procedure was successful.

Much to the delight of the Hughes family, Marley was able to go home the next day, with his adoring family looking after him. While full recovery will be a long process, he’s slowly getting used to life on three legs. Gaynor, Erin and Faye are over the moon to have their furry companion back where he should be, to provide love and comfort to them all at Christmas.


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