Why Dogs Swallow Strange Things

19 September 2016

This can lead to dogs swallowing some very bizarre items – our vets have removed everything from tent pegs to radio aerials from pets’ stomachs in the past!

The phenomenon is called ‘pica’ – it might seem comical but can prove very dangerous. If an object moves along the digestive system, it can cause a tear or life-threatening blockage.

Our Top Tips

  • Take a look around your home, and try to make sure that anything dangerous or easy to swallow is out of paws’ reach
  • Provide your dog with suitable pet toys, and supervise them to avoid any accidents
  • Train your dog from a young age to learn basic commands such as ‘drop' and ‘leave’ (and don’t forget to praise them when they do!)

If you do suspect your pet has swallowed something you should contact your vet for advice immediately.

Even if you take precautions, sometimes accidents can happen so it’s best to make sure you’re prepared. Accidents like this can be very costly – the average PDSA Petsurance claim for pica incidents is £754.17*. Pet Insurance by PDSA will give you peace of mind when it comes to unexpected vet fees, letting you focus on what's really important: your dog.

*Based on PDSA Petsurance claims data, Jan – Aug 2016.