We're still here for poorly pets and their owners

Our frontline vets are working tirelessly to provide vital emergency care to pets during this crisis.

Although our hospitals are only able to provide emergency treatment at the moment, we are doing our best to be here for pets and their owners by offering remote support, phone consultations and posting out urgent prescriptions.

There are other ways we can help you look after your pet, too...


Free First Aid Guide

We're helping pet owners be ready for any situation by providing a free downloadable first aid guide to help you deal with a range of common situations. The guide covers everything from heatstroke and traffic accidents to how to perform CPR and what you need inside your must-have pet first aid kit.


Put together a pet first aid kit

This is essential for any pet owner. A first aid kit for pets can help provide first aid for small injuries, and if you travel with your pet you can take a small kit in your car or bag so you can provide care no matter where you are!

It's important to remember that once you have given your pet first aid, you should get in contact with your vet as soon as possible.

If you’re interested in putting together a fully stocked first-aid kit for your pets, we have a full list of the items you need here.

Download our free first aid guide

Our vets have put together a special Pet First Aid guide with handy tips, advice and steps to follow if you ever find yourself in a pet emergency.

Download now

Put together a pet first aid kit

No pet owner should be without a first aid kit. Start putting yours together with first aid supplies from our pet store.

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