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Insuring your cat

Your cat’s part of the family and it’s upsetting if your feline friend needs a trip to the vet. Pet Insurance by PDSA gives you peace of mind when it comes to unexpected vet fees, so you can focus on what’s really important: your cat.

You’ll have already thought about the routine treatments your cat will need that aren’t covered by pet insurance. This includes things like:

Insuring your cat with PDSA Pet Insurance means you don’t have to worry about unplanned trips to the vet or emergencies.

Cats make great companions but their curious nature can get them into trouble and leave them with serious injuries. Cats can also develop diseases which require costly treatment. It’s these extra veterinary costs that could be covered by insurance.

Why take out PDSA insurance?

  • Kittens and cats are inquisitive and usually lead active outdoor lives so it’s important they’re insured.
  • Poorly kittens often need intensive care and this can mean a very expensive bill from your vet.
  • Some cat breeds are more likely to get certain conditions. Pet insurance helps to cover the cost of these conditions, if your pets gets ill in the future. Not sure if your cat is prone to any illnesses? Take a look at our cat breed information pages.
  • If your cat develops a chronic illness, they’ll need lifelong medication and treatment from your vet.
  • Older cats often need ongoing treatment for more than one condition, and the cost can mount up.

"It helps to know that if I need help with a claim I can pick up the telephone and speak to your wonderful staff."

- S McKenzie, PDSA Pet Insurance customer

Insuring your kitten

Deciding to get a kitten is a really exciting time. Follow our vet’s tips to make sure your cat-ownership get off to a positive start:

Vaccinating your kitten

While they’re still very young, kittens get protection against illness from their mother. Once your kitten is weaned, they’ll need protecting from these illnesses by vaccinations. If the kitten isn’t vaccinated they’ll have no protection potentially fatal diseases. Your kitten will need to be vaccinated for your pet insurance to cover the cost of treating these illnesses.

Common illnesses in kittens

  • Upper respiratory infection: This is a very serious infection that causes sneezing, coughing, runny eyes and lack of appetite. Upper respiratory infections are easily spread from one cat to another. If kittens lose their appetites and don’t eat regularly their condition can become very serious and need intensive care. Your insurance would cover these costs.
  • Flea anaemia: Flea anaemia is another very serious disease caused by flea infestations. Getting bitten by a large number of fleas can mean a kitten loses a lot of blood – a life-threatening condition for a tiny kitten. Many kittens with this disease need a blood transfusion to survive. Treating flea anaemia would be incredibly costly for owners without insurance.
  • Diarrhoea: Because kittens are so small, even minor cases of diarrhoea can cause serious dehydration. Having insurance means your kitten can receive the treatment it needs to get home as quickly as possible.

How pet insurance can help

Veterinary bills for all of these common diseases can be enormous because your cat may need long stays at the vets, intensive treatments and lots of tests. This is a difficult time for owners and if your pet is sick, the last thing you need are money worries. PDSA Petsurance could take that financial worry away.

Insurance for older cats

It can be very sad to watch our cats grow older and become less energetic. However, there are many things we can do to keep them comfortable after they have given us many years of happiness.

Older cats commonly suffer from disease such as:

  • arthritis
  • dental disease
  • kidney disease.

Regular veterinary visits become a common occurrence for senior cats. Having pet insurance can help protect against unexpected costs which can be hard to budget for. A policy which covers ongoing conditions such as a lifetime* policy may be suitable, however bear in mind, pre-existing conditions wouldn't be covered. Take a look at our Pet Insurance guide to learn more about the different types of policies available and what to consider.

PDSA Pet Insurance - For your pet's life

*Lifetime policies cover your Pet’s treatment, for both illnesses and injuries, up to a single policy limit, for each policy year. As long as your policy remains in force, your premiums paid up to date and the insurer invites renewal, there is no limit on how long you can claim for each illness or injury. Upon renewal, the policy limit is reset and available to claim again. Policy excesses will apply per condition, per year.

**Defaqto 5 Star rating applies to Ultimate and Ultimate Plus policies only. Defaqto’s Star Ratings provide an independent assessment of the quality of financial products.

^10% of customers achieved this price between March 2018 - September 2018 (Cat per month cost = £3.49)

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