Insuring your dog or puppy

Our dogs love to get involved with anything and everything and explore whatever they can get their paws on! The last thing you want to worry about is vet fees while your dog is enjoying their best life, so it’s important to get them insured.

PDSA Pet Insurance gives owners cover they can rely on. This includes a choice of five policies – two of which have a 5 star Defqto rating. Policies have been specially selected by PDSA vets to offer cover to suit every owner.

Why insure your dog or puppy with PDSA Pet Insurance?

You need peace of mind that your dog is covered no matter what, which is why there are plenty of benefits with PDSA insurance products.

  • Dogs insured from eight weeks old.
  • All five of policies cover third party liability.
  • Pay monthly at no extra cost.
  • Policies cover complementary therapies your vet recommends, including hydrotherapy.*
  • As a PDSA Pet Insurance customer, you’ll have access to PDSA Petanswer™ 24/7 for out of hours support when your local vet is closed.
  • Lifetime policies cover conditions your pet develops while insured, for life.**
  • The choice to pay your vet directly if you need to claim.^

You can see a breakdown of all the cover offered on our policy page. Remember to read your policy wording carefully so you know exactly what’s covered.

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Common conditions in dogs and puppies

In 2018, PDSA Pet Insurance received over 9,000 dog related claims! Some of the most common conditions claimed for included:

  • Arthritis. Just like us, our dogs can get arthritis, too! It is more common in older dogs and certain breeds or overweight dogs are more likely to suffer with it. You can read more on our Pet Health Hub.
  • Skin disorders. From itchy skin to allergies that cause flare-ups, some breeds are more prone to skin problems than others. You can read more about different skin disorders.
  • Cruciate injuries. The cruciate ligament sits inside the knee joint and holds it together. Damage to this ligament can happen to any dog and if your dog injures their cruciate, they’re likely to get arthritis later in life. Read more on our Hub.
  • Epilepsy and fits. Epilepsy is a condition which causes dogs to have fits and seizures. Take a look at our first aid advice so you know what to do if your dog has a fit.
  • Diabetes. Again, like us dogs can get diabetes similar to type 1 diabetes in people. If your dog has diabetes, they may need insulin injections. You can read more about diabetes in dogs on our Hub.

You can read more about the top 10 conditions in pets, as put together by our vets!

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What doesn’t Pet Insurance cover?

Insuring your dog can provide reassurance for those unexpected trips to the vet, but there are a few things insurance doesn't cover. This includes:

Remember to keep preventative treatments (like vaccinating and de-worming your dog) up-to-date as this will help protect them against lots of nasties. If you’re worried about cost, speak to your vet – they may offer a package to cover these treatments and your dog’s annual health check.


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Did you know?

The unluckiest breeds in 2018 were Spaniels with the most claims!~

*Fees are covered for any alternative or complementary medicine which the vet recommends and as approved by us, including up to five (Classic) or ten sessions (Advance, Advance Plus, Ultimate and Ultimate Plus) of hydrotherapy provided by hydrotherapy pool operators who are members of the CHA (Canine Hydrotherapy Association) or NARCH (National Association of Registered Canine Hydro-therapists)

**Subject to lifetime policy renewal.

^Subject to availability

~Taken from PDSA data 2018

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