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Scooting in dogs

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  • Scooting is the word we use to describe a dog sitting down and dragging their bottom along the ground.
  • Scooting indicates that something is irritating, itchy or painful such as worms, anal gland problems, itchy skin or something stuck around the bottom.
  • Unless the problem is obvious and simple to fix at home, book an appointment with your vet if you notice your dog scooting.

Causes of scooting in dogs

Possible causes of scooting include:

Illustration of dog scooting

Dog scooting

When to contact your vet

Check under your dog’s tail and around their bottom for anything obviously wrong. If something is stuck, you could try to gently remove it by bathing. If it doesn’t come off easily/your dog seems to be in pain/you see a swelling or anything else, contact your vet for advice.


How can I stop my dog dragging their bottom along the floor?

Scooting indicates that something is bothering your dog so instead of trying to stop them, book an appointment with your vet to find out why.

Published: June 2020

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