Our preventative work

As part of our mission, we aim to improve the life of every pet by providing preventative care and treatment to the pets that rely on our services. This can include preventive veterinary care or just help and advice about owning a pet. Unfortunately, due to veterinary staff shortages, some of our Pet Hospitals are currently prioritising life-saving emergency care over other essential and preventative care. We hope to fully reintroduce preventative care to all of our Pet Hospitals in the future.


Neutering prevents unwanted pet pregnancies and can also help with a range of issues (for example, neutering your cat can help to stop them fighting). Unneutered female cats and dogs also risk developing pyometra – a life-threatening infection in the uterus. By getting your female pet neutered, this no longer becomes a risk and you can avoid a potentially devastating visit to the vet.


Vaccinations help protect your pets against serious, potentially fatal diseases. They can also help our pets fight off infections, such as parvovirus in puppies or feline parvovirus in cats. Dogs need a ‘primary course’ of vaccinations, followed by yearly boosters throughout life to be fully protected. Similarly, cats also require a ‘primary course’ of vaccinations, followed by boosters every one to three years. Outdoor cats will require additional vaccinations.


Microchipping is also important, especially for cats and dogs. It is a legal requirement for dog owners and can help reunite all lost pets with their owners. Cats in particular have a tendency to wander quite far, so microchipping is an assurance that, if they can’t find their way home, anyone who finds them can contact their owner.


We are still working hard to make sure people understand everything they need to consider before getting a pet. Our Pet Health hub has lots of advice to help people make the right choices when getting a new pet, including what to think about before getting a specific pet, the costs to consider and advice on where to get a new pet.

Big Weigh In

In partnership with Royal Canin, our annual Big Weigh In encourages owners to check their pet’s weight so we can tackle the growing issue of pet obesity and help our furry friends live their best life for longer. We know how important it is for pets to maintain a healthy weight, so it’s our goal to help owners know and understand this too.

During the event, dog and cat owners can book a free Big Weigh In appointment at a local participating vet practice to get their pet weighed and Body Condition Scored (BCS). Once your pet has received their results, you’ll know whether they need to slim down, fill out, or maintain their ideal weight.

Being overweight can lead to illnesses such as arthritis, heart disease and diabetes; as well as reduced life expectancy. By raising awareness and encouraging people to watch their pet's weight, we hope to prevent these harmful conditions from developing in the first place.

Vet Care range

Our Vet Care range of pet products, developed by our extensive veterinary expertise, are sold at our Pet Hospitals and on our online store. All these products are approved by our vets and cover general care, supplements and home treatments including:

  • Dog shampoo
  • Ear cleaners for dogs/cats
  • Supplements (including probiotics, joint supplements, skin supplements)
  • Dog treats


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