Working to prevent unnecessary illness and suffering in pets

Prevention is better than cure, which is why we work with pet owners to raise awareness of simple actions that have a big impact; from preventing obesity to neutering and vaccinations.


Our preventative work

Pet Fit Club

Our annual Pet Fit Club pet slimming contest helps some of our largest pets to slim down and get healthy, while raising awareness of this vital issue.

It can be hard to resist those puppy-dog eyes when they beg for treats, but it's so important that our pets stay at a healthy weight. Being overweight can contribute to illnesses such as arthritis, heart disease and diabetes. So by raising awareness and encouraging people to watch their pet's weight, we hope to prevent these harmful conditions from developing in the first place.

Neutering schemes

We encourage all pet owners using PDSA services to have their pets neutered, offering free and low cost neutering to those eligible. Neutering prevents unwanted pet pregnancies and can also help with a range of issues (for example, neutering your cat can help to stop them fighting).

Unneutered female cats and dogs also risk developing pyometra – a life threatening infection in the uterus. By getting your female pet neutered, this no longer becomes a risk and you can avoid a potentially devastating visit to the vet.


Vaccinations can prevent a whole variety of serious conditions from developing. They can also help our pets fight off infections, such as parvovirus in puppies. We encourage all PDSA users to get their pet vaccinated and boosters done when necessary.

Vaccination not only prevents our pets from catching nasty viruses and illnesses, but also prevents the spread to other pets.


We encourage all owners to get their pets microchipped. It is now a legal requirement for dog owners and can help reunite all lost pets with their owners. Cats in particular have a tendency to wonder quite far, so microchipping is an assurance that, if they can’t find their way home, anyone who finds them can contact their owner.

We offer a free microchipping service to all owners through our pet MOTs. These are offered across the country at our PetWise on Tour events and carried out by a full qualified vet nurse.


Our community hubs and community events not only offer guidance and advice on existing pets, but also to help people who are considering getting a new pet. Our vets and vet nurses talk to people in the community and give advice on preparing for a new pet and what to look out for when getting one.

Our veterinary experts have put together plenty of information on our website to help people make the right choices when getting a new pet. This includes pre-purchase advice, such as what to think about before getting a specific pet, the costs to consider and advice on where to get a new pet. 

Vet Care range

Our vet team has developed a great range of care products for pets. All these products are approved by our vets and sold at our Pet Hospitals. The Vet Care range covers general care, supplements and home treatments including:

  • Dog shampoo
  • Ear cleaners for dogs/cats
  • Supplements (including probiotics, joint supplements, skin supplements)
  • Dog treats.

You can purchase our Vet Care products online or at your local PDSA Pet Hospital.


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