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At PDSA we are passionate about educating children about pets. We believe it’s important for children to learn to care for and respect animals – as this helps them grow up to become the caring and compassionate pet owners of the future. We think it’s vital to ensure the next generation know how to care for their pets and stay safe around animals – and we love working with teachers to inspire and engage young people. We've got loads of great educational resources for you to download, or you can book a talk with one of our Community and Education Vet Nurses

Take a look at how we can help you...


Talks from vet professionals all about pets

Our workshops are free and are available for primary aged children and youth groups across Key Stages 1, 2 & 3; the unique sessions are delivered by our fantastic team of Community Education Vet Nurses and are based on PowerPoint presentations with a selection of animal videos, class participation and activities. 

All our sessions have links to the National Curriculum and SMSC

Secondary and Further Education workshops can be delivered by prior arrangement depending on resources and availability. Please contact the education team to discuss your requirements at education@pdsa.org.uk

Topics include:
  • The five welfare needs - Gives an overview of what all animals need to be healthy and happy. Based on the care of dogs, cats and rabbits, it teaches children how to be responsible pet owners. 
  • Canine CommunicationTeaches children how amazing dogs are, how to recognise what they’re telling us through their body language and how to keep themselves safe. Recent alarming statistics state that hospital admissions for dog bite incidents has increased by 76% in the last 10 years, with most admissions being in children under 10. Our session is aimed at tackling this problem. 
  • Animal Heroes in War and Peace - Looks at the heroic acts of animals in times of war and peace, PDSA’s medal programme and its animal recipients. Also shares the amazing stories of PDSA’s Pet Survivor awards. 

All our workshops can be tailored to meet your learning objectives, including adaptations for different age groups or learners with mild special educational needs. We’re always happy to discuss your specific requirements or fit in with topics and ideas

Session details:

Sessions for Nursery and Reception children last for 30 minutes and all other primary sessions last for 45 minutes. To ensure the most fun, learning and interaction from our visits, we ask that Nursery and Reception classes have no more than 30 children and all other year groups, no more than 60. Assemblies have no restriction in terms of numbers.

As a charity, we need to make sure our limited resources are used as efficiently as possible. Therefore, we like to deliver to as many year groups as we can in one visit, to make the best use of our nurses’ time and reduce our travel costs - We appreciate in advance your support in trying to arrange as many sessions as possible.

If you’re unable to arrange multiple sessions, we would appreciate time to deliver a whole school assembly.

Free pre and post session activities:
All our sessions include activities you can do with learners both before and after our visit. Each class is supplied with a ‘Teacher’s pack’ which tells you everything you need to know about our visit.

FREE take home resources for every child:

All learners will take home a copy of our fantastic Animal Antics magazine absolutely free. It’s packed full of fun competitions, puzzles, posters and fascinating animal facts to engage the whole family with learning about pets. 

With our feedback reports showing 100% scores for enjoyment and requests for return visits, we guarantee that the children will enjoy our sessions and learn a lot from them

What schools say about our visits:

Cockton Primary School

'The content was excellent and it fit nicely with current priorities in school such as respect, responsibility and British values. The children were all engaged for the whole session – lovely resources and a friendly speaker, who pitched all questions perfectly for Y2 children. Thank you!'

Collingwood Primary School

'A great session! Pitched at the right level for our children with careful use of vocabulary. They all thoroughly enjoyed it. A nice mix of teaching aids including; PowerPoint, videos and practical activities. Brilliant!'


Download Free Resources

At PDSA our free resources have been created by vets and teachers specifically for use in the classroom. You can download these for free and use them to deliver curriculum objectives for a range of subjects and key stages by teaching about animals, how to stay safe around them and how to look after pets.

The free packs include:

Lesson plans
Assessment sheets
Task sheets


Join our Pet Club!

We have designed these fun and educational activities for teachers to run as an after-school club – you could call it a Pet Project. 

The PDSA Pet Club has three different levels, Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Through these, children learn about a range of animal subjects, including caring for their pet, and how to stay safe around animals. 

You can find more information on the levels by visiting our Pet Club page.

Check out our video of a Pet Club in action.

Book a talk

Meet our team of Community and Education Vet Nurses and book a talk with the nurse in your area. 

PetWise MOT Workshop

Limited number of places available on our FREE workshops