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At PDSA we are passionate about educating children about pets. We believe it’s important for children to learn to care for and respect animals – as this helps them grow up to become the caring and compassionate pet owners of the future. We think it’s vital to ensure the next generation know how to care for their pets and stay safe around animals – and we love working with teachers to inspire and engage young people.

Here’s how we can help you do this...


Download Free Resources

At PDSA our free resources have been created by vets and teachers specifically for use in the classroom. You can download these for free and use them to deliver curriculum objectives for a range of subjects and key stages by teaching about animals, how to stay safe around them and how to look after pets.

The free packs include:

Lesson plans
Assessment sheets
Task sheets


Join our Pet Club!

We have designed these fun and educational activities for teachers to run as an after-school club – you could call it a Pet Project. 

The PDSA Pet Club has three different levels, Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Through these, children learn about a range of animal subjects, including caring for their pet, and how to stay safe around animals. 

You can find more information on the levels by visiting our Pet Club page.


Talks from vets, all about pets

Our Education team includes Community & Education Veterinary Nurses, who visit schools and run interactive talks for each class about working in a PDSA Pet Hospital and caring for pets.

Booking a talk is a great way to engage everyone in the school in learning about how to keep our pets healthy and happy.

We’ll take pupils on a fascinating journey through life in our PDSA Pet Hospitals, plus explain about how we can provide the five things that all animals need to be healthy and happy. Groups will also be engrossed in our real-life PDSA stories of some of the thousands of animals we’ve helped and their journey to recovery.

Tailored to suit you
All our workshops can be tailored to meet your learning objectives, including adaptations for different age groups or learners with special educational needs. We are always happy to discuss your specific requirements or fit in with topics and ideas, which can include:

Stories of hero animals
See some of the animals awarded the PDSA Dickin Medal for bravery in conflict – and the civilian animals awarded the PDSA Gold Medal for devotion to duty.

True life-saving ‘tails’
Hear stories of pets which have had amazing life-saving operations from vets and vet nurses in our PDSA Pet Hospitals. These include the dog who surprised everyone when an x-ray of her stomach revealed a rubber duck!

Keeping safe around animals
Find out how amazing dogs are at helping us learn how to behave around them – and how we can stay safe by spotting the warning signs of danger.

Working with animals

Learn about veterinary science as a career and ask our vet nurse all about qualifications, training and what life is really like on the frontline of a busy PDSA Pet Hospital.

The role of charities
Discuss how charities, such as PDSA, need public support to continue our vital work to help these animals – and we’ll show some great ways to put the fun into fundraising.

FREE magazine for every pupil

All pupils will be given a fantastic Animal Antics magazine absolutely free. It’s packed full of fun competitions, puzzles, posters and fascinating animal facts to help them keep their family pets healthy and happy.

Animals at our talks
We prefer to send our brilliant veterinary nurses into schools, rather than actual animals. It’s less stressful for all concerned and they won’t get all nervous and have an accident on your carpet!

The fact is, we sometimes visit two schools a day – meeting many classes in each – which we feel wouldn’t be fair on any animal, no matter how good natured they are.

We want to deliver exciting, engaging talks where we concentrate entirely on your pupils. If we have an animal present, they inevitably become the centre of attention for pupils and our vet nurse would also always have to give it their main priority – so your pupils would actually learn less. We know pupils love pets, so we have loads of videos and tricks make sure your pupils enjoy every second of the talk.

Please let us know if you have school pets, e.g. rabbits, or guinea pigs – or you’re considering getting some. Our nurses will be happy to include the care of these pets in your sessions, so they can have the best life possible.