Frequently asked questions

We hope to answer any questions you may have about PDSA, who we are and what we do, how we can help you and how you might be able to help us. Browse our topics below and read more to see all FAQ's for that topic

Corporate Partnerships

Are there any types of companies you don't work with?

Yes, please refer to PDSA's Ethical Statement

Can I or a company use the PDSA's logo on marketing material (Website, Marketing Literature, Signage on Shops, Banners etc)

No. Unfortunately we cannot supply you with a PDSA logo or supporting statement as we only provide this in very exceptional circumstances. In this context, we perform an in-depth assessment of the organisation’s suitability.

You will need to contact PDSA’s Corporate Team for guidance

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What are PDSA Veterinary Services?

PDSA is the UK’s largest veterinary charity covering England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland:

  • 48 PDSA Pet Hospitals and PDSA Pet Clinics – staffed and manned by PDSA.

Please check to see which PDSA service is available for you and your pet in your area using our Eligibility Checker.

How does PDSA fund its veterinary services?

PDSA does not receive any money from the Government or any National Lottery funding. We are entirely funded by public support. To help us continue what we do, we ask all pet owners to make a contribution of whatever they can afford towards their pet’s treatment. We are grateful for all the donations and contributions that we receive.

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Do I need to tell you I am organising an event for PDSA?

Yes please.  We can send you a fundraising pack and registration form, which you can use to order any materials you may need to help you with your fundraising e.g. balloons, posters.

Do I have to return any materials to PDSA after my event?

Yes, please return any buckets, collecting tins, tablecloths etc. to PDSA after your event.

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Pet Health

How can I stop my dog being sick in the car?

This can be tricky – your dog may associate car travel with nasties! You need to get your dog used to your car and associate it with nice things. When your car is parked safely and there’s no risk to you or your pet, let your dog play in it. Maybe then feed it some titbits there – or take it on a short journey followed by a lovely walk. When travelling, make sure your dog is in a doggy seat belt. Some dogs like to look out of the window, but this can cause sickness in others. You could give calming pheromones – talk to your vet to see if they may help your dog.

How do I stop my dog from pulling hard on the lead?

The best thing to do is to take your dog along to a reputable dog trainer. Your vet may be able to recommend one.

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Legacy giving and Will writing

Are there any steps I can take to reduce the chances of my Will being challenged in court?

The best way to ensure that your Will can withstand a legal challenge is to have it drawn up by a qualified professional. Many challenges are brought by people who are surprised by a Will’s contents. They may not believe that the Will represents the person’s genuine wishes if they do not understand them. Therefore, it is often a good idea to explain, perhaps in a letter signed at the same time and kept with the Will, why you have chosen the beneficiaries you have included.

Can I write my own Will?

Writing your own, even with a Will pack, can be risky because probate law, Inheritance Tax and the language used are not always straightforward. If all the required legal procedures aren't followed, you could inadvertently make your Will null and void.

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Gift Aid

Do I pay tax on my pension?

You will receive a P60 each year, which shows any tax deductions from your pension.

Do I qualify for Gift Aid?

You must be a UK taxpayer and have paid an amount of Income Tax and/or Capital Gains Tax for each year (6 April one year to 5 April the next) that is at least equal to the amount of tax that all the charities or Community Amateur Sports Clubs (CASCs) that you donate to will reclaim on your gifts for that tax year.

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Where can I help?

You can help pets by helping in our shops, our offices, by fundraising and we sometimes have roles in our Pet Hospitals.

Find your volunteering role here

Can I volunteer with pets?

We don’t have very many roles for volunteers where you’ll get to be hands on with pets. BUT every volunteer position we have helps PDSA help more animals in need.

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Pet Insurance

I’ve never insured my pet. Why do I need to now?

We really hope your pet has a happy, healthy life, but we recommend getting pet insurance because you never know what might happen in the future.

If your pet were to have an accident or fall seriously ill, medical treatment could be very expensive. And as your pet gets older, he or she is more likely to need treatment.

You could spend thousands of pounds on treatment if your pet was involved in a road accident. PDSA’s Petsurance includes third-party insurance, which is essential to avoid large payments should your animal cause an accident.

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