Fundraising Ideas

Do you want to raise money for sick and injured pets, but don’t know where to start? Whether it’s your first time or you’re a regular fundraiser, it’s always great to get a bit of inspiration.

Whether you are doing it at home, work or play, take a look through our fundraising ideas. Please then let us know all about your plans so that we can give you all the support you need.

If you need resources for your event or party, check out our fundraising downloads for nifty things like bunting, cake flags and sweepstakes.


Fundraising downloads

Fundraising at home

Fundraise from the comfort of your own home and raise money for sick and injured pets by yourself, with family, housemates or friends.

Give it up for PDSA

You can give something up and donate the money you'd usually spend on it to PDSA instead. Take the challenge and your donation could help save a pet's life!

  • Giving up one packet of cigarettes means you could donate £7 and help towards the cost of antibiotic treatments to help a poorly pet. Just think how many antibiotics you could buy if you were to give them up for good!
  • Giving up one fast food takeaway could save you £10, which could help to buy 10 metres of bandages. £90 could go towards equipping a vet for a whole day. Imagine how many pets this could help.
  • Give up your usual weekend Costa Coffee and instead have a simple coffee and homemade cake event in the office to raise funds!

If you fancy a day off your challenge, you could even pay a ’fine’ to get one and pass that money on to us! You decide what you want to give up and for how long.

More ideas...

There are plenty of other ways to fundraise from home, here are some great ideas.

  • Murder mystery evening
  • Cheese & wine night
  • Dinner party
  • Casino night
  • Fancy dress party
  • Bonfire night
  • Halloween party
  • Coffee Morning
  • Swishing Party

Fundraising at work

There are plenty of ways to fundraise in the office (or wherever you work!) Get your colleagues involved and even your boss. Don’t forget to ask if your company will gift match your fundraising too.

Here are some great ideas.

  • Sponsor the boss to go back to the shop floor
  • Employer matched giving
  • Auction of promises
  • Casual clothes day
  • Sweepstakes
  • Cake sale
  • Swear box

Fundraising at school

Are you a student, are you a teacher, or are you a parent? Whatever connection you have to a school, we’d love you to share your love of pets and encourage your school to help support PDSA.

Here are some fundraising events you can do at your school or through your child’s school. 

  • Sponsored silence
  • Teddy bear’s picnic
  • Non-uniform day
  • Sponsored walk
  • Treasure hunt
  • Summer fete
  • Talent show
  • Concert

Are you a young fundraiser? Find out more about how you can start fundraising for PDSA

Community fundraising

From the local pub to the local farmers market, there’s always a fundraising opportunity. So dig out your old clobber or unleash your best party frock with some marvellous fundraising ideas!

  • Street collections
  • Bring & buy sale
  • Coffee morning
  • Car boot sale
  • Car wash
  • Tombola
  • Auction
  • Raffle
  • BBQ/disco/barn dance
  • Xmas/Valentine’s Ball
  • Eurovision/Bollywood
  • 1940s Blitz party

Fundraising with your club or society

If you’re a member of a club or society, tell them how passionate you are about PDSA. It may be your sports club, or the local Rotary. You could be a member of the WI, or the local knitting society.  As long as you’re an animal lover and are passionate about our work, we’d love you to speak to your clubs to see if they may wish to support us too.

Fundraising from September to November

With nights drawing in, winds getting up and the mercury dropping, there may be less daylight, but there’s still plenty of fun to be had both indoors and out. So raise a cheer and raise some funds for poorly pets at PDSA.

Pick an event or create your own

Take a look at our events ideas below. Choose one – or several – and call us on 0800 508 8323. We’ll help you get involved, register your event and send you anything you might need, like sponsor forms, T-shirts and PDSA posters.

Key Autumn Dates – 2018 to help you plan your event

7 October – Grandparent’s Day
31 October – Halloween
5 November – Bonfire Night
17 November – Dickin Day – the day PDSA first opened its doors.
30 November – St Andrew’s Day

Pumpkin painting and carving

For Halloween, organise a scary pumpkin painting and carving contest. Put a tea-light inside and watch the glowing face cast haunting shadows around the walls. As kids come round for ‘trick or treat’, ask them for a contribution to PDSA.

Fundraise through fireworks

Gather around friends, family and neighbours for bonfire night. It’s a great way to raise funds for PDSA with donations, or a ’pound for the guy’, or by selling some treacle toffee or some toffee apples.

Walkies through the leaves

To help PDSA, gather together family and friends and your four-legged friends go for walkies through the leaves. Get the kids to collect leaves of each colour – green, red, orange, brown and gold.

Conker contest

Set up your own competition. It’s sure to be a favourite with youngsters. And just try stopping the big kids from joining in too, so it may be best to have two competitions. No cheating by baking them or soaking them in vinegar. Gather entry fees and give a prize to whoever is crowned the conker champion.

More fun fundraising ideas...

  • Murder mystery night – create a fun whodunit.
  • Footy tournament – set up a 5- or 11-a-side competition.
  • Recycle leftover holiday money – give in your loose change to change the life of sick pet.
  • Bag pack – volunteer at your local supermarket to pack bags. Ask your supermarket early as it becomes very popular in the weekends leading up to Christmas.
  • Bingo, beetle drive or whist – make it a fun evening to fundraise for pets in need.
  • Cheese and wine – organise your own evening or link up with a local deli and offer some blindfold cheese tasting. Have a prize for the most unusual cheese – or the smelliest!

Fundraising from December to February

Winter is a time for a feast of food and drink, giving presents, sharing with friends and family, wrapping up in woollies for walks and snuggling up by the fire. So let’s give a present to animals less fortunate than us. Fundraising for PDSA helps pets on Christmas day and every other day of the year. Here’s how you can help...

Pick an event or create your own

Take a look at our events and ideas below. Choose one – or several – and call us on 0800 5088323. We’ll help you get involved, register your event and send you anything you might need, like sponsor forms, T-shirts and PDSA posters. Register now.

Key Winter Dates – 2018 to help you plan your event

25 December Christmas Day
26 December – Boxing Day
1 January – New Years Day – What’s your new year’s resolution?
25 January – Burn’s Night
5 February – Chinese New Year (Year of the Dog)
14 February – Valentine’s Day


Host your own X-Factor-style singing contest or Britain’s Got Talent-style competition. It’s a great way to have fun and support PDSA.

Do the Paso Doble for pets

Can you Cha-Cha for Cats, Disco for Dogs or Rumba for Rabbits? Then take to the floor set up your own Strictly Finale to raise money for PDSA.

Carol singing

From ‘Silent Night’ to ‘Jingle Bells’ and from the ‘12 Days of Christmas’ to ‘Good King Wencelas’, everybody loves a festive sing song . So wrap up, take a lantern and go round and sing for PDSA from door to door – or pub to pub. Or link up with your local shopping centre to add to their festivities.

Walk off the festive feast

With all the Christmas indulgence and celebration, it’s easy to pile on the pounds. So organise a Christmas walk to raise a few pounds for pets in need. Take your four-legged friends with you so they can run off that big bonio treat they had too.

New year, new you

What’s your new year’s resolution? Get sponsored to give up smoking, chocolate, alcohol, cakes, or even tea. What could you miss out on to help a sick pet?

Gain £££s to lose lbs

For your new year’s resolution, get sponsored a few pounds to lose some pounds. You’ll feel great, especially as you’ll be helping pets in need.

Valentine’s Day

Pets need you love too. So sell flowers, valentine’s cards and heart-shaped gifts like cookies, cupcakes or cushions to raise money for poorly pets.

Burns Night

Organise a celebration of haggis neeps and tatties all washed down with a few drams of whisky. Toast the health of a ‘wee... tim’rous beastie’ (mouse) and any other pet that we care for at PDSA and help raise some welcome funds.

More fun fundraising ideas...

  • Give a donation rather than send Christmas cards – send PDSA what you would have spent on stamps and cards!
  • Guess the weight of the Christmas cake.
  • New Year’s eve party – ask for a donation to support PDSA or sign people up to sponsor your New Year’s resolution.

Fundraising from March to May

From chirping birds and buzzing bees to early flowers and April showers. Spring is a time of new beginnings. So make the most of the warmer weather and plan a fun, fundraising event to help put a spring into the step of sick and injured pets.

Pick an event or create your own

Take a look at our events and ideas below. Choose one – or several – and call us on 0800 5088323. We’ll help you get involved, register your event and send you anything you might need, like sponsor forms, T-shirts and PDSA posters. Register now.

Key Spring Dates – 2019 to help you plan your event

1 March – St David’s Day
17 March – St Patrick’s Day
21 April – Easter Day
23 April – St George’s Day
6 May – May Day Bank Holiday
27 May – Bank Holiday

Chase the chocolate

Organise a chocolate egg hunt for little ‘uns and big kids this Easter to raise money for PDSA. Just remember to check that all the fiendishly-difficult-to-find ones are found: whilst we find chocolate irresistible, it’s poisonous to pets. Add to the Easter fun with a traditional Easter Bonnet Contest or even an Egg and Spoon Race.

May Bank Holiday madness

How will you spend your four bank holidays this spring? With four national holidays in spring, Organise a fun day at your local pub or club, a BBQ, a sale of local foods and produce, or even a Morris Dancing Contest. We’ve lots of ideas to raise money for sick animals.

Name the bunny

A favourite with kids. They pay to make a guess. Then just give the bunny to the winner. It will help raise some banknotes for bunnies and other PDSA pets.

Pedal for pounds

Get your bike out of the garage and get on the road for a great cause. Join a local cycle ride and pedal your way to pounds for pets.

New car on March 1st?

Give your old car to PDSA and we’ll turn your vroom vroom into £££s for very needy pets. Each car helps us raise a donation of £100 on average.

Run a 3-legged race for 4 paws

Get together friends, neighbours family and work colleagues and put some fun into fundraising with a 3-legged race to help poorly pets. People will be falling over themselves to help – literally.

Paddle for pooches

Give dogs and other pets a helping hand: set up a Swimathon – and get sponsored to swim a mile or 30, 50 or 100 lengths, by yourself or in teams. Do it with doggy paddle to make it even more challenging.

Swing into action

Dust off your clubs after winter, embrace the fair weather and the fairways – and raise pounds for pets as you go round. Host a PDSA golf day and have prizes for the longest drive, nearest the pin, lowest score, highest stableford and wooden spoon – or should that be a wooden bone?

More fun fundraising ideas...

  • Spring clean – Have a clear out of your garage, glory hole or attic and donate all your unwanted goods to PDSA, or do a car boot sale, or host a Swishing Party.
  • Themed quiz – Pick one of the many Saint’s Days and host a patriotic quiz – make the food and dress code part of the celebration too.
  • Row the Thames – If you’ve got a rowing machine, or can borrow one from a friendly gym, you can row the equivalent of the Thames, the Tyne, the Trent, the Tay or your local river.
  • Cook Sunday brunch – fry up some bangers, bacon and eggs and invite friends, family over to join the celebration in exchange of a donation.
  • Fashion show – Organise your own fashion show in conjunction with a local clothes shop.

Fundraising from June to August

From 4am sunrises to 10pm sunsets, there so much more daylight to enjoy and time to spend outdoors. So make the most of it and plan some fun in the sun to put a smile on a pet’s facer

Pick an event or create your own

Take a look at our events and ideas below. Choose one – or several – and call us on 0800 5088323. We’ll help you get involved, register your event and send you anything you might need, like sponsor forms, T-shirts and PDSA posters. Register now.

Key Summer Dates – 2018 to help you plan your event

2 - 15 July – Wimbledon
26 August – Summer bank holiday

Anyone for tennis?

Oganise your own ‘Play for Pets’ tennis tournament to help PDSA during Wimbledon fortnight. You’ll be helping to raise some much needed pet cash, rather than Pat Cash.

Garden party

Help pets in need by hosting a garden party. Plan it for Wimbledon fortnight and it has an instant theme. Serve strawberries and cream, delicious sandwiches, scummy cakes, Pimms and Champagne. Cheers!

More fun fundraising ideas...

  • Host a BBQ – pop on some bangers and burgers and the sizzling smell of smoky barbecue food will be irresistible.
  • Car treasure hunt – set up the clues, charge an entrance fee and then sit back and wait for the answers and who crosses the finishing line first.
  • Host a dog show – parade the pooches, then pick the prizewinners. Have some fun winners too for the fluffiest, handsomest and the dog who looks most like their owner.
  • Duck river race – number lots of plastic ducks, charge everyone £1 a go and give a prize to the winner.
  • Garden fete – take a stall and you’ll raise both awareness of PDSA and well needed pounds.
  • Hit the beach – Beach volleyball, football or cricket – and a largest sandcastle competition.
  • Car washing – get your wellies on, the soapy sponge out and have a great laugh cleaning cars.
  • Mid-summer party or ball – Organise a big bash and have raffles, auctions, heads and tails to raise money.