How to treat your cat

We love our cats, and it can be tempting to show them how much by ‘treating’ them to tasty extras. However, too many extras can lead to your feline friend putting on weight, making them unhappy and unhealthy.

Just like humans, cats that eat too much get fat. The odd (healthy) treat can be okay, but feeding too many treats on top of your cat’s regular diet will cause them to pile on the pounds. And remember they are much smaller then us, so a tiny treat for us is a lot of calories for a cat!

Treats don’t always have to be food. You could show your cat your love or reward them extra fun-filled playtime, a new toy, snuggles or even a good groom if they enjoy it! But if food is your go-to treat, we recommend making sure treats don’t take up more than 10% of your cat’s daily food allowance - and their usual food will need reducing by the same amount to make sure they aren’t overeating.

Outdoor cats will often find additional food through hunting or visiting neighbours for extra portions. If your cat is supplementing their diet through hunting, the burst of activity to find and catch their prey will often compensate for the extra calories. However, if your cat is eating meals at other homes, those extra calories can add up quickly.  If you’re worried about your cat’s weight, have a chat with your neighbours and explain about your cat’s weight loss plan. You could also use a ‘Please don’t feed me’ quick-release cat collar so people know not to give them any food.

For overweight cats, play time with their best friend (you) is the best treat you can give.

An infographic showing alternative ways to 'treat' your cat
An infographic stating that feeding your cat three small cubes of cheese is like you eating two quarter pounders
An infographic stating that feeding your cat a saucer of milk is like you eating a 12" cheese and tomato pizza
An infographic stating that feeding your cat a tin of tuna is like you eating 35 chicken nuggets

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