Your cat’s body shape


We all love to make our cats feel special. And for many of us, that means spoiling them with a yummy treat. Read our do’s and don’ts on treating your feline friend.

Treat tips


Playing with your cat is a great way to ensure they’re getting enough exercise while strengthening your bond. Discover our kitty exercise advice.

Exercise advice


Cats come in many shapes and sizes. The type and amount of food they need depends on their individual needs. Read our advice on feeding your cat the correct diet.

Diet advice

Body Condition Scoring

Body Condition Scoring (BCS) helps owners and vets assess a pet’s body shape to check if they’re healthy. Read about how to check if your four-legged friend is in shape.

How to Body Condition Score

For more top tips and expert vet advice on how to improve your pet’s diet and exercise regime, download our free Weigh Up diet and exercise guide.