What to feed your cat

Feeding your cat the right type and amount of food is vital for their health and happiness. And with so many different foods and diets out there, it can be hard to know what’s right for your feline friend.

Our vets recommend feeding a high quality complete commercial pet food, as they contain all the nutrients cats need. The type and amount of food depends on your cat’s breed, age, health and lifestyle. For example, a outdoor cat needs more energy than a house cat.

It’s also important to choose food suitable for your cat’s lifestage - kitten, junior, adult or senior. This will help your cat get all the nutrients they need for their age.

Feeding the right amount by following the guidelines on the packet and using electronic scales to weigh their food is also vital. You should feed your cat based on ideal weight, which might be different from what they currently weigh if they’re overweight or underweight. And don’t forget to reduce their food if you’re giving them treats.

Many cats prefer to have lots of small meals rather than one big one. Most cats graze, eating between eight and sixteen times per day! So once you’ve weighed their food for the day, it’s best to leave it out for them so they can graze throughout the day (unless it’s likely to go off or might be eaten by another pet).

Feeding cats human food scraps, such as cheese or meat, is not recommended. Not only can human food cause your cat to put on weight, be bad for their teeth, or make them unwell, some are highly toxic to cats.

Cats need the right amount and type of food to keep them healthy. If we overfeed them it can lead to weight gain, cause serious diseases and long-term illnesses.

An infographic showing how to feed cats according to their age

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