How to exercise your cat

Cats need to stay active to ensure they’re happy and healthy. They may sleep a lot, but they’ll benefit from daily activity.

All cats need regular exercise (especially if they’re trying to lose weight), but there’s no specific amount of exercise your cat needs. Outdoor cats naturally get more exercise than indoor cats, but as a general rule, they like to mimic hunting behaviour in their play, with short bursts of intense exercise. Encourage this with short playtimes throughout the day to keep them active.

Exercise not only helps improve your cat’s physical health, but it also keeps them mentally stimulated, which can help to stop them from overeating. Playing is also a great way to strengthen your bond with your feline friend.

A great way to exercise your cat is with cat toys. Cats have different personalities; a fluffy wand toy may interest some cats, whereas others prefer to pounce on a stuffed mouse.

Most cats will play for about five minutes before taking a break. Make sure your games end on a positive note, with your cat catching the toy, before they get bored. Cats love anything new, so make sure you switch toys about regularly to keep their interest.

Remember, if you have any questions or concerns, your vet will be happy to help guide you on the best way to exercise your kitty.


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