Medications and repeat prescriptions


Medications for your pet

If your pet is prescribed medication during a remote appointment (over the phone or by video link), then where possible, we will post this out to you at home. We will do this as quickly as we can, but we are dependent on delivery services, so your patience is appreciated.

Certain medications can't be delivered and may need to be collected. Should you need to collect your pet's prescription, you'll be advised of this during your consultation.


Repeat prescriptions

If your PDSA vet has told you that you are able to use our Central Dispensary service, then please follow the instructions you were provided with to order your repeat prescriptions.

If you’ve not already registered with our Central Dispensary service, please use our appointment request form to request your pet's repeat prescription.

Please remember to order your pet’s repeat medication in plenty of time, so that they don’t run out. We aim to deliver all orders within seven days, but please be aware there may be postage delays.

Please note that certain types of medication can’t be posted out, and may need to be collected from your local PDSA Pet Hospital. If this is the case, the staff there will contact you to let you know when it’s ready, and give you collection details.

Delayed delivery?

If you haven’t received your pet’s prescription within a week, and are concerned that a delay could affect your pet’s health, please contact your local PDSA Pet Hospital.


Flea & worming treatments

We are currently unable to offer all flea & worming treatments at every PDSA Pet Hospital. If we’re not able to provide these services at your local Pet Hospital, we’d still recommend that you get these done at a local vet. For non-prescription flea and worm products you can shop at PDSA Pet Store.