Brave Cat Survives Horrific Air Gun Attack

‘Mukka’ the cat was saved by vets at our Stoke PDSA Pet Hospital after being shot with an airgun pellet, which ricocheted through his body damaging seven internal organs.

When the one-year-old ginger-and-white cat came home in severe distress, it was clear to his owner Jamie that something was very wrong.

Jamie said: “Mukka is usually a really feisty character – he’s so fearless that we sometimes call him GI Joe! But when he came home that day I could tell immediately that something was seriously wrong. He just lay down on the floor panting and coughing, and he put up no fight when we put him in his carrier.”

Senior Vet Duncan explained: “Mukka is very lucky to be alive. The pellet hit his kidney, passed through his large and small intestines narrowly missing a major artery, then punctured his stomach, diaphragm and lungs.”

Mukka needed emergency surgery to remove the pellet and repair the extensive damage. At first it was uncertain whether he would pull through, but this determined little cat was soon making a good recovery - happily he was able to go home a few days later.

Jamie added: “It’s horrible to think someone did this to him deliberately – Mukka is a part of our family and we’ve had him since he was a kitten. PDSA have been brilliant, if it wasn’t for them Mukka simply wouldn’t be here with us today.”

Thanks to kind people who leave PDSA a gift in their will, we’re able to give sick and injured pets like Mukka the treatment they need.

Mukka the cat