Just like humans, our pets need to eat the right quality and quantity of food and have the right amount of exercise to live long, healthy, and happy lives.

For more than a decade, we’ve monitored pet well-being in our annual PDSA Animal Wellbeing (PAW) Report – the UK’s largest insight into the lives of pet cats, dogs, and rabbits. Data from the Report shows that potentially millions of cats and dogs in the UK are out of shape and at risk of developing health problems.

Overweight pets are more likely to suffer conditions including diabetes and urinary tract disease – symptoms tend to develop when they are younger and are harder to manage. Excess fat can also worsen other health problems (e.g. arthritis and breathing difficulties), as well as increase anaesthetic and surgical risks, all of which could negatively affect your pet’s quality of life.

An infographic stating that 54% of owners do not know their pet's ideal weight

Pets who are a healthy weight will live much happier lives for longer

Proudly supported by Royal Canin, our Weigh Up campaign empowers owners of kittens and cats, puppies and dogs to ensure our four-legged friends live their best lives for longer.

Give your puppy or kitten all the ingredients for a great start in life

We know how exciting it is to welcome a new puppy or kitten into your home. Equally, we understand how daunting it can feel to be responsible for their health and happiness. Our helpful puppy and kitten guides will set you on the right path.

Is my puppy a healthy weight?

Overweight dogs tend to have shorter lifespans and are more likely to develop serious diseases later in life. Our expert advice will help lay the foundations for your puppy’s future and ensure they maintain a healthy weight from the very beginning.

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Is my kitten a healthy weight?

Getting the basics right in the first few months of your kitten’s life is vital, so you must know what they should eat and how much exercise is enough. To give them the best start, help them stay at a healthy weight – our expert advice will tell you how.

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Find out if your dog or cat is the right weight

Whether you’re #TeamDog or #TeamCat (or both!), it’s your responsibility as an owner to ensure your pet is not overweight. Knowing and maintaining your pet’s ideal weight can extend their life, lower their risk of developing serious diseases, and keep them happy.

Is my dog a healthy weight?

Need help figuring out if your dog is out of shape? Our expert advice will help you figure out if they need to cut out the treats, put on some pounds, or if they are the perfect-sized pooch.

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Is my cat a healthy weight?

Want to know if your cat is tipping the scales in the right or wrong direction? Our expert advice will help you know whether your feline friend needs to move more or ditch the diet.

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An infographic stating that veterinary professionals estimate that 43% of cats are overweight or obese
An infographic stating that 82% of owners do not know their pet's body condition score
An infographic stating that veterinary professionals estimate that 46% of dogs are overweight or obese

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