Is my cat drinking and weeing too much?

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  • Is your cat drinking or weeing more than usual?
  • You may hear your vet use the words polyuria and polydipsia (PUPD for short).
    • Polyuria = weeing too much
    • Polydipsia = drinking too much
  • The two symptoms often come together because the more your cat drinks, the more they wee, and the more they wee, the more they need to drink.
  • There are many possible causes for drinking and peeing too much.
  • If you think your cat is drinking too much, take them to your vet - never restrict your cat’s water to control the problem.

Is your cat drinking and peeing too much?

Most owners rarely see their cat drink, especially if they are fed a wet diet. This is because cats get most of their water from their food. If you suddenly start noticing your cat drinking, it may be a sign that something is wrong. Ask yourself, is your cat…

  • Drinking more than usual?
  • Thirsty all the time?
  • Emptying their water bowl more quickly than usual?
  • Drinking from taps, puddles or streams more regularly than usual?
  • Drinking so much that they vomit?
  • Visiting their litter tray more often or peeing in larger volumes?
  • Weeing in the house?

…if so, contact your vet for an appointment. It can be helpful to take a urine sample along, and tell you vet exactly how much your cat is drinking in a 24 hour period. For help with both these tasks watch our videos below.

How to collect a urine sample from your cat

How to measure how much your cat is drinking

When to contact your vet

Always take your cat to see your vet if you think they are drinking or peeing too much.

Remember; if possible, take a urine sample and a note of how much your cat is drinking in a 24 hour period.

Published: August 2019

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