We're searching for the UK's most incredible miracle pet survival stories!

If your dog dodged disaster or your cat cheated death by a whisker, we want to hear about them – they could be crowned PDSA Pet Survivor 2018.

Our Pet Survivor Awards are open to any pet treated in the UK by a vet for a life-threatening illness or injury between 1 January 2016 and 31 August 2018. The closing date for entries is midnight on Friday 31 August 2018. The winner will be announced at the end of the year.


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About PDSA Pet Survivor

These awards recognise the most amazing pets who've survived against all the odds and made miraculous recoveries

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Previous winners

From cats caught in illegal traps, to dogs shot with a crossbow to rabbits attacked by foxes, read about some of our miraculous previous winners and finalists.

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This year's Pet Survivor competition is supported by Animal PoisonLine, which is a 24 hours advice line for owners who are concerned that their pets have come into contact with something potentially poisonous. It is run by the UK's only animal poison centre and is a triage service which only directs owners to their vets if treatment is needed.