Meet some of the incredible pets with death-defying tales

Warning – the following pages contain graphic images that some people may find upsetting.


Poor Dexter suffered a horrific injury – he was shot through the roof of his mouth with an airgun. Months of hand feeding and TLC saw Dexter crowned PDSA Pet Survivor 2018.


Darcy miraculously survived falling down a 60ft dam, but was left with a long list of horrific injuries. Months of rehab followed, and Darcy went on to win PDSA Pet Survivor 2016.

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Loveable Staffie Ziggy had a shocking injury – he was shot through the head with a crossbow. But his miraculous recovery saw him crowned PDSA Pet Survivor 2015.

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Dylan was found abandoned and emaciated – vets believe he was just hours from death. But with love and care, he recovered and went on to win PDSA Pet Survivor 2014.

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Stray kitten Robbie suffered terrible burns from a fire, requiring months of treatment. But his bravery and fortitude saw him take the crown for PDSA Pet Survivor 2013.

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Arthur dragged himself home with an illegal animal trap clamped to his leg, which had to be amputated. His incredible bravery saw him reach the finals of PDSA Pet Survivor 2016.

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Hans was close to death when abandoned with a badly infected head injury, caused by a dog or fox attack. His determination saw him reach the finals of PDSA Pet Survivor 2016.

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