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A new hospital for Manchester

We desperately need to raise £2.4m to build a new hospital for Manchester’s pets. But we can’t do it alone.

Our Manchester Pet Hospital is one of the UK’s busiest pet A&E services. Providing life-saving care to sick and injured pets and protecting their long-term wellbeing is at the heart of everything we do. Our scale and impact on saving pets’ lives in the region and right across the UK, is bigger than any other animal charity in the UK today.

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Ninety years after establishing our vital service in Manchester, the need is still as great as ever, but our hospital is no longer fit for purpose. Our staff work miracles every day, but the building is at breaking point, and we need to act now.

Thanks to generous supporters, and with the help of some amazing celebrity ambassadors, fundraising is well underway for our first PDSA Pet Wellbeing Centre in Manchester, but we still have a way to go. Read more about why these celebrities chose to support our appeal.

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Manchester today

Our Manchester Pet Hospital in Old Trafford currently cares for over 150 sick and injured pets every day, providing over 78,000 treatments a year.

The team do an amazing job but the sad fact is, after 40 years, the building is no longer fit for purpose. It’s been modified, patched up and adjusted to the point of exhaustion and we now urgently need to raise £2.4m to build a replacement.

We want to do more to prevent and educate, to stop the problems we see from happening in the first place, but we struggle without the right space and layout. We want to give our clients, our staff and - most of all - Manchester's pets the hospital they deserve.

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Our vision for the future

Treating vulnerable pets remains at the heart of everything we do. But we need to do more, so this hospital will be our very first facility dedicated to ‘wellbeing’ - specifically designed to help owners provide everything their pets need to lead healthy and happy lives. From classes about the welfare needs of pets (including behaviour, diet and exercise), to guidance on caring for older pets – our new PDSA Pet Wellbeing Centre will provide the local community with a pet wellbeing hub.

But in order to help as many pets and people as possible, we must move to where the need is greatest. Our new location will bring our vets closer to more of Manchester’s most vulnerable pets.

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Funds still to raise: £79,393

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What is it like to spend a day in our Manchester Pet Hospital? Meet the pets who come through our doors and the owners who love them. 

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