Tasty treats to keep your pet hydrated

We're all trying to stay hydrated and drink lots of water in this hot weather. It's just as important for our pets to drink plenty. How can we encourage them to keep cool and stay hydrated?

Plenty of water

Your pet will need to drink more in hotter weather. It will help keep them cool and will replace the water they lose as they pant to cool themselves down.

It’s really important that they have a constant supply of fresh, clean water throughout the day. Here are some ways to make sure they’re getting enough water:

  • Fresh and clean. Give their water bowl a good clean once a day. This will stop any nasty bugs growing and will make sure the water is fresh and tempting.
  • Change it up. If your pet is reluctant to drink from their bowl, try changing it for a different one. You could also try raising their water bowl off the floor so they don’t have to bend down to have a good drink. This is especially helpful if your pet suffers from stiffness or arthritis.
  • Try a fountain. Some pets like to drink from flowing water rather than a bowl. Try a pet fountain to get them drinking more.
  • A drink in every room. Make sure your pet has access to water in a few places around your home and garden – that way they’ll never be too far from a drink! 

Summer snacks for the coolest pets in town

Give these tempting treats – recommended by PDSA vets – a try on a hot summer day. They’ll help keep your pet hydrated and should cool them down at the same time. It’s always best to supervise your pets when giving them frozen treats as they don’t know how to avoid brain freeze! As with all treats, it’s important not to give too many and remember that they all add to your pet’s daily calories.


1. Banana-berry frosties (designed for dogs)

Fill an ice cube tray with a mixture of mashed banana and some chopped up berries. (Make sure you avoid toxic fruits!) Freeze overnight for a cool, lickable treat.

2. Chicken pup-sicles (designed for dogs)

Mix cooked, chopped chicken with some pureed fruit and a bit of water. Put the mixture into moulds, push a bone-shaped dog biscuit in the top to hold them with and pop in the freezer.

3. Moggie morsels (made for moggies)

Cool kitties will love small, frozen patties of their favourite wet food (smooth is best). Sprinkle catnip on top as an extra treat to get your cat engaged.

4. Veg-tastic (super for small pets)

Chilled or frozen carrots or broccoli or banana make for an cheap and easy way to beat the heat. This is a great option for dogs who need to watch their weight.

5. Peanut butter chilly time (designed for dogs)

Put peanut butter (make sure it doesn’t contain xylitol which is toxic) inside your dog’s favourite puzzle toy and pop it in the freezer. In the morning, your dog will have a challenging treat to keep them cool as well as occupied.

6. Tuna-tastic freezepops (made for moggies)

Freeze the fresh spring water (not brine or oil) from a tin of tuna. Pop it in a shallow bowl of water and watch watch your cat cool down playing with the frozen fishy cubes. For added entertainment, use an ice cube tray that makes fish shapes!

7. Green smoothie (super for small pets)

Whizz up some kale, watermelon and some ice cubes to make a slushie to share with your bunny buddies. You could also use any other fruit which is safe for your small furry friends.

8. Ice ‘n’ easy (great for all pets)

Grab a bowl, fill it three-quarters full with water and place in the freezer overnight. Put it beside your pet’s regular water bowl and as the ice melts, they’ll have a second bowl of cool water during the day.

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