Caring for your new kitten

by PDSA | 11 May #Lifestyle

Bringing home your feline friend is a wonderful time, but taking the steps to make sure they get off to good start, and live a happy and healthy life, can seem like a daunting experience.

PDSA Vet Nurse Nina Downing said: “There are lots of things to consider when taking on a kitten, and ensuring they are set up for the best start in life is essential. Feeding them the right amount of high-quality kitten food and making time for the correct amount of exercise from day one will help them stay a healthy weight and grow into a happy adult cat.


What should I feed my kitten?

“With so many different options available, choosing the right food for your kitten can be confusing. Young kittens need a good quality, commercially available, complete food designed for kittens, which supports all their nutritional needs for growth - neither adult cat food nor human food contains the correct balance of nutrients! It’s best to go for a reputable brand, such as Royal Canin, which offers a range of diets that will ensure your kitten is supported through each stage of their development, helping to prevent issues in later life. Offer wet food at mealtimes, discarding any leftovers, and provide dry food as a snack in between meals, making sure that you work out their daily food allowance and being careful not to overfeed.


Keeping fit and healthy

“Exercise is vital to your kitten’s overall health, but thankfully long walks won’t be necessary! Encouraging lots of playtime at home is the perfect way to keep your kitten active and stimulated, and will help you strike up an unbreakable bond too. Kittens should stay inside until they are microchipped, fully vaccinated and neutered to protect them from diseases and unwanted litters. Until that time, aim for several short bursts of playtime inside every day. Pick times when they’re active and looking to explore – and use plenty of fun toys too.


Encourage best behaviour

“Scratching is a natural part of feline behaviour – it helps to keep their claws in good condition, stretches their bodies and helps them mark their territory. It’s essential to encourage your kittens to use a scratching post (and not your furniture!), which should be high enough for your them to stretch up on, and sturdy enough not to wobble or fall over.

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