Dogs: the impostors

by PDSA | 25 November 2019 #Justforfun

When’s a dog not a dog? When it looks like something else entirely. We’re looking at dog breeds that don’t always look like dogs. Just for fun!

Everyone’s got their favourite dog breeds, but do you ever look at them and think 'you are not a dog'? Well, you’re not alone. We love all dogs (cross-breeds especially!) but some dogs we have to question – are they even dogs at all?

We’ve put together a list of ‘dog’ breeds that we’re pretty sure could pass for a different species entirely. On a good day. *N.B – there’s nothing scientific about this. At all. They are all definitely still dogs.


Staffies and seals

There’s no question about this one – Staffies 100% look like seals. Some owners even report their Staffie moves like a seal (although if this is happening there’s a chance your dog might need to go on a diet).


Akitas and bears

Adorable ball of fluff or a wild bear? Who knows? Akitas definitely have baby bear vibes.


Bedlington Terriers and sheep

This one’s pretty obvious. Bedlingtons share the same curly fur as sheep so we’re pretty sure they’re distantly related. Maybe.


Tibetan Mastiffs and lions

Lions: beautiful, majestic beasts. Just like Tibetan Mastiffs. They even share the same shaggy mane, although this really isn’t an effective way of telling the gender of your Mastiff like it is with lions.


Samoyeds and foxes

This might be the white fluffy fur doing it, but Samoyeds are scarily similar to arctic foxes. Minus the whole different species thing and the fact that Samoyeds are a lot bigger.

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