Dorothy’s story

by PDSA | 2 April

Dorothy (81) has been a PDSA volunteer at our Glasgow Shawlands shop for a whopping 35 years.

Since 1989, Dorothy, a former PDSA client, has spent time helping at one of our shops in Scotland each week.

She explained: “I used PDSA’s Pet Hospital services for my first Chihuahua, Shady Lady (who most definitely lived up to her name!) long ago. But it wasn’t until a PDSA charity shop opened around the corner from where I lived at the time that I learned about their volunteering roles.

“I popped into the shop shortly after it had opened and spotted some silver cutlery on display on one of the shelves. I pointed out to the Shop Manager that it was quite valuable, and she asked if I would be interested in volunteering to help value and price collectables. I said yes, and I’m still here – 35 years later! My husband, Carl, also volunteers here and has done so for over eight years. We’ve developed meaningful friendships over the years and look forward to the days we spend at the shop each week.”

Dorothy volunteers her time at the Glasgow Shawlands shop every Tuesday and Thursday. Spending a few hours volunteering on those days allows her to do things she really enjoys – sorting through rare items and speaking to customers.

She added: “My main skill is identifying and pricing jewellery, collectables, and antiques. I also cover the till and put out stock when required. I really love selling; it’s a skill that comes naturally to me.

“Volunteering in the shop means I never stop learning. There are always new people to meet or new things to learn about the items we receive from the public; you never know who or what you will encounter.”

Over three decades of volunteering has meant Dorothy has seen many weird and wonderful donations.

She explained: “The most unusual item I’ve come across? Well, we once had the proverbial kitchen sink handed in... and sold it!”

Speaking about Dorothy, Glasgow Shawlands Shop Manager Nyree Kerr said: “What would we do without our Dorothy! Everyone at the shop adores her. She is known as the Crochet Queen because of all the lovely items she crochets at home and wears as part of her outfit.

“It’s been 35 years, but we all hope that Dorothy remains a volunteer for many more years to come. We are so grateful for her time, dedication, and endless enthusiasm.”

One of more than 100 PDSA shops in the UK, the team at Glasgow Shawlands plays a pivotal role in helping to fund the charity’s 49 Pet Hospitals and give pet owners – who would otherwise struggle to afford veterinary treatment – somewhere to turn.

Dorothy added: “To anyone considering volunteering in a PDSA charity shop, I would say do it now! Volunteering keeps me mentally and physically active and helps my immunity. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.”

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