Easy tunnel toy for rabbits

by PDSA | 5 August #Lifestyle

It's time to fight the bunny boredom with something you can make using items from around the home! This super easy rabbit tunnel will provide your bunnies with something new and fun to explore.

Rabbits are not 'easy' pets, and if they don't have enough to keep them happy and occupied they can get bored. Bored rabbits are very unhappy rabbits indeed! 

The good news is, giving your rabbits things to do in the garden can be simple. You don't always have to spend money on fancy toys - your bunnies can be just as happy with a cardboard box to play in. 

So how do you turn a boring box into a bunny play palace? Take a look at our easy steps! 


You will need:

  • A cardboard box that is bigger than your rabbits

  • Scissors

  • A pen and ruler.


Step one - avoiding cave-ins

The first thing you need to do is fold the top in and make it secure. You don't want to scare your rabbits by having the roof suddenly fall on them!


Step two - making the base

Cut the flaps off the bottom of the box so it can sit straight on the grass. It also makes later steps easier!


Step three - choose the exits

With your pencil and ruler, draw on where you want the exits (make them big enough for your rabbits to get through!). Most rabbits will prefer at least two gaps as they are a prey species but ideally these shouldn’t form a straight line through the box. It's best to keep them against the bottom of the box so it's nice and easy for your rabbits to run in and out.


Step four - cut out

Now you can cut your exits out (which should be a bit easier without bottom flaps). 


And you're all done! Now just pop your tunnel toy on the grass and let your bunnies get exploring.

We have loads more advice on our website about keeping your rabbits active and entertained if you need some inspiration!

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