Five signs you like your pet more than your partner

by Mair | 8 February #Justforfun

For some of us our pets are our world. With Valentine’s Day just a few days away, you might be thinking about who your most important companion really is.

Pets are important and for a lot of us have been even more so during the pandemic and lockdowns. We are always saying that owning a pet has lots of great benefits, so it’s understandable that for most of us our pets are family.

But have you ever considered that maybe your pet has become your most valued companion? Even over your partner? Here are five signs that there’s a new significant other in your life.


You give up your seat for your pet, but not your partner

Picture this: you have a two seater sofa. Your pet’s favourite spot to take a nap in the evening is the sofa, but you and your partner are sat on it. You’d give up your seat for them, right? Now if it was you and your pet on the sofa, would you give up your seat for your partner? Probably not.


You have nicknames for your pet, but not your partner

A lot of owners call their pets all sorts of names, but rarely the one they’ve actually been taught to respond to. This is fine, until you realise you have no loving pet names for your other half.


You worry more about your pet than your partner

It’s natural to be concerned about our pets if they get poorly. After all, they can’t tell us what’s wrong. It might take just one sneeze to get you on the phone to the vet, but days before you actually believe there’s something wrong with your partner (and even then you’re a little doubtful).


You post about your pet online but your partner is nowhere to be seen

Our pets are great so it’s natural we’d want to show them off. All over social media. What you might start to notice, though, is more photos of you and your pet than you and your significant other. This might be down to them being camera shy, or that you just prefer to take photos of your pet. Learn how to take perfect pictures of your four-legged friend on our blog.


You talk to your pet more than your partner

Pets are great listeners (or at least, they won’t interrupt when you’re speaking). It’s perfectly natural to chatter away to them. Although you might start to find that your pet hears about everything before (or even instead of) your partner. And when you find yourself saying to your partner ‘I already told you this’, you might just remember that no, you didn’t. You already told your pet this.

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