Five summer essentials for dog owners

by Mair | 17 August 2020 #Lifestyle

With the weather heating up (mostly) and a lot of us still spending more time at home, first-time dog owner and PDSA content creator, Mair, gives us her top five must-haves for our four-legged friends.

As we start to see a bit more of summer, not to be negative, but I often look at the weather forecast in the morning and wish they could just take a few degrees off the temperature. While sunny weather can be great, dog owners know that it can also be a bit of a nightmare for our pooches (especially flat-faced ones like TJ, my foster Boxer).

We all know dogs can get warm really quickly and warmer weather brings all sorts of other problems like flies, ticks and grass seeds. But, it does mean you can go for some really nice evening or early morning walks with your dog without the constant fear of getting caught in a monsoon (well, mostly).

I’ve picked out some of mine (and TJ’s) favourite things that make warmer weather a bit easier. You can get a lot of these products from your local pet shop and even some supermarkets, or take a look at the PDSA Pet Store online where your purchase will go towards helping poorly pets in need.


A cooling collar

On the really hot days, TJ will often get too warm even just popping out to the toilet. His cooling collar is really great to offer some quick cooling relief. After just 10 minutes in the fridge, it’s ready to use and always stays cool for at least an hour on TJ. It doesn’t irritate him and he doesn’t try to pull it off (in fact he’ll often fall asleep with it on).


A doggy towel

So it might be mostly dry at the moment, but no one can guarantee British weather. TJ is a nightmare for finding any patch of mud and walking through it, which isn’t so great when we come back from walkies and he’s stomping mud through the house. Having a towel specifically for drying off wet muddy paws is ideal because I don’t have to sacrifice any of my hand-towels!

You can get our quick-drying microfiber pet towel from the PDSA Pet Store.



On hotter days, we can’t go and play outside much because TJ struggles in the sun. This means keeping indoors where it’s cool, but despite being 10-years-old he still has the energy of a puppy! A few tasty treats (with some healthy carrots) in his puzzle feeder is ideal for keeping him occupied for a few minutes and keeping his mind sharp.

We use PDSA’s own vet-approved treats (they fit perfectly in his tornado toy!) which you can buy from our online pet store. Remember to reduce their daily allowance if you’re giving your dog treats!


A cooling mat

In my opinion, cooling mats are an absolute must-have for all dog owners. As a lot of them don’t even need to go in the fridge or freezer first, they’re ideal for popping down on hot days so your dog always has somewhere cool to lay down.

You can buy a similar one to ours from the PDSA Pet Store if you have a smaller dog, or take a look at your local pet shop.


Tin covers

TJ has a mixture of biscuits and wet food, which means we often have an open tin in the fridge. His food does not smell pleasant and attracts flies like nobody’s business. I used to put a food bag over them, but this meant a lot of plastic wastage. Then we found the joys of reusable tin covers while shopping online one day and they are a life (and planet) saver!

You can get similar tin covers to ours from the PDSA Pet Store, or you can sometimes find them in supermarkets.


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