How to make a dog toy

by PDSA | 16 April 2020 #Lifestyle

Whether it’s their birthday, or you just feel like spoiling your dog, getting them a new toy can be a great way to show them you love them. Here’s an easy one you can make yourself!

Who said dog toys have to be expensive? If you’re feeling crafty – or are just looking for something to do with the kids – you can make your dog a brand new toy using items from around the home.

To make this toy, you’ll need:

  • A pet-safe ball (we've used a tennis ball, but remember that the larger the dog, the larger the ball needs to be so they can't swallow it)
  • Some material (we used old hoodies)
  • Scissors.

Check out our video below (thanks to Prince the Beagle for being the official toy tester) for an easy step-by-step guide:


Step-by-step guide

  1. Cut two (fairly long) strips of material. They should be wide enough to wrap around the ball.
  2. Lay your material out and cross them over to make a plus sign.
  3. Pop the ball in the middle and wrap the material around your ball. Use a separate piece of material to tie it underneath to secure the ball in place.
  4. You should now have four bits of material hanging down (looks like an octopus). Cut each strip into three smaller strips.
  5. Plait all of the strips and tie each one off at the end.
  6. Give to your dog and watch them enjoy!

Remember to supervise your dog with their toy to make sure they don’t swallow any bits.

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