Meet Emily Smith - the designer behind our new spring dog range landing in PDSA charity shops this March

by PDSA | 20 March

We’ve worked with Devon-based artist Emily Smith who has beautifully painted playful dog designs, before turning them into digital artwork to be applied to items in our new range. We caught up with Emily to chat about all things animals, art and her inspiration behind the stunning range she has designed.

Tell us about your career as a designer so far.

I officially started my design business in 2018, however I have always dabbled with a paintbrush and love creating things in my spare time.

I started my business with four designs and have now grown to 17 after six years. All my designs are animal-based; my best seller has always been Camilla the Ostrich, one of my original designs. Coming second is the popular Bella Bee, she hasn’t been around long but has proved to be a popular, pretty, pink-winged bee.

I currently offer 23 product ranges myself, and we are continually expanding our collections and working with incredible organisations like PDSA.

How did you feel when you were approached to contribute to PDSA's new range?

I was so excited to have the opportunity to work with such a wonderful charity. Animals are close to my heart as I have lived on a farm all my life.

Have you heard of PDSA before?

Yes, I have been aware of PDSA for many years and the amazing work they do for pets in need.

What inspired the designs of the range?

My love of animals, especially dogs. It was a challenging task for me as I wanted to capture the characteristics of the different breeds as best I could. The outcome has been well received and I look forward to seeing them in PDSA charity shops soon.

What is the process of designing like? Take us through it.

I start by looking at different photographs to get inspiration for my paintings, looking at the way the animals stand or hold themselves. I then sketch a basic outline and then go onto paint, building layers, adding textures and details. Once the design is complete, I choose background colours to compliment the designs. Painting animals is especially rewarding.

Do you have any pets?

Yes, I have a gorgeous little Dachshund x Shih Tzu. Evie is always by my side in my studio - I absolutely love her.

Have you always been an animal lover?

Yes, I have always loved animals and have been around them living on a dairy farm in Devon. We always had dogs and chickens and I even had a favourite cow named Mary.

How do you think this range will help raise funds for PDSA?

With dogs being such a well-loved and popular pet, I hope that my designs have captured the characteristics and personalities of the different breeds. I have tried to incorporate movement into my designs which I hope will appeal to all the dog lovers PDSA charity shops attract. I love all the products that PDSA created with my designs, and I think they will be very popular amongst dog lovers.

What’s your favourite part of the range and why?

My favourite must be the mugs. I am a coffee lover and a sucker for a good mug. I also love how my individual designs of each breed have been collaborated and put on different products.

Interested in purchasing something from the range. Find your local PDSA charity shop here.

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