Nine cats given a second chance

by PDSA | 7 August #News

With a lot of uncertainty around at the moment, we thought we’d bring some good news in the form of these lucky kitties who used up one of their nine lives but lived to tell the tale!

We all know cats are meant to land on their feet, but sadly some of our four-legged friends aren’t quite so lucky. Thankfully, our amazing vet teams at PDSA were here to help these nine cats and get them back on all four (well, mostly) paws.

Even in the current crisis, our Pet Hospitals have been open to treat poorly pets in need of emergency treatment. We see all sorts of cases every day at PDSA, like these lucky cats:


Luna ate toxic pollen

Poor kitten Luna managed to eat some pollen from a lily (which is very poisonous to cats). After blood tests and two nights in her local PDSA Pet Hospital, Luna was given a clean bill of health and reunited with her owner.


Saffy is learning to live with three legs

Sadly, Saffy reminded us all why it’s important to check the car on cold mornings for feline visitors. She was hiding under a car bonnet when her leg was caught in the fan belt after the engine was turned on. Although her leg had to be amputated, the PDSA vet team were able to save her and now she’s getting used to life on three legs.


Loopie was hit by a car

Loopie managed to get himself home despite being in a horrific car accident – his injuries were so bad it has permanently changed the shape of his head. Despite his trauma, the PDSA team were there for Loopie and his owner. He needed regular check-ups after his life-saving surgery, but made a good recovery at home with his owner.


Teddy Bear was shot with an airgun

Teddy Bear was out exploring when he was attacked and shot with an airgun. His worried owners brought him to their local PDSA Pet Hospital where x-rays showed a nasty injury to his leg causing him a lot of pain. Vets made the tough decision to amputate to avoid infection, so a three-legged Teddy Bear was able to return safely home.


Chi survived 40 miles under a car bonnet

Kitten Chi miraculously survived her injuries despite being stuck under a neighbour’s car bonnet for a 40 mile journey. She was given emergency treatment at her local PDSA Pet Hospital and was allowed to return home with her relieved owners, cone of shame and all!


Flearoy fell from a fifth-floor window

Flearoy proved just how lucky black cats are after surviving a 50 foot fall. He needed intensive treatment at his family’s local PDSA Pet Hospital, but was soon on the mend after urgent treatment a lot of TLC from the veterinary team.


Ralph’s leg was put back together

Little kitten Ralph was involved in a suspected road accident. His leg was badly broken, but thankfully PDSA vets were able to put his leg back together in an intricate operation using pins and plates. After a lot of check-ups and a long recovery, Ralph’s prognosis was looking really good and he was able to heal.


Poppy bit off more than he could chew

Poppy managed to get hold of his favourite treats one day, gorging on them and the packaging they came in! X-rays showed he has swallowed the metal clip his owners were using to keep the treats closed. PDSA vets were able to remove the clip, which could have caused fatal damage if left in his body. After an overnight stay in the Pet Hospital, he was able to be reunited with his family.


Jay had a miraculous recovery

When Jay went missing, his owner was worried for the curious cat. He found him at the bottom of the garden with one of his legs missing - somehow the brave little cat had jumped a nine-foot fence despite having been hit by a train. He was rushed to their local PDSA for emergency treatment, but after very complex surgery the team were able to save him (minus a leg and tail!) and he's now making a slow recovery at home.


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