Patriotic Paws: Top tips for a pet-safe Jubilee weekend

by PDSA | 30 May #Lifestyle

With the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee weekend fast approaching, many of us can’t wait for an extended weekend full of celebrations. As we look forward to hanging up the bunting in preparation for a fun-filled street party, it’s important we don’t forget about the safety of our pets.

Nina Downing, one of our PDSA Vet Nurses, explains: “This year’s Jubilee is the perfect opportunity to enjoy time spent with family, friends and neighbours, but amid all the festivities, we must be mindful of our four-legged friends. While we wouldn’t want them to miss out on all the fun, it’s important we also understand how to keep them safe.”

Here are Nina’s top tips for a pet-safe Jubilee:


Street party safety 

Street parties can be great fun for the whole neighbourhood, but large crowds and loud noises can be overwhelming for our furry family members. Be wary of music or fireworks and look out for signs that your pet may be in distress.

If you think people are likely to go in and out of your house or garden regularly, keep a close eye on your pet – you definitely won’t want them making a run for it if a door or gate is accidentally left open!

Nina adds: “It’s best to set up a secure den for dogs to stay safe inside. Cats feel safest when they’re high up and out of the way, while small pet enclosures can be moved into a quiet room away from the hustle and bustle of the party.”


Decorative dangers

It wouldn’t be a Jubilee celebration without bunting lining every street corner, but you mustn’t forget that our patriotic décor can be harmful to our furry friends. Nina explains: “Should your pet get hold of any decorations, there’s a chance they could swallow them which could potentially cause life-threatening blockages.”

To avoid an emergency, hang any decorations well out of reach from any prying paws, and pack them away in a secure, high place once you take them down. Avoid the temptation to dress up your pets to celebrate – it can cause anxiety and overheating.


Unlucky leftovers

Whether you’re planning a street party bake-off or a sizzling bank holiday BBQ, remember to keep your pet away from our yummy delights.

Nina explains: “Human food doesn’t always sit well with pets, and sugary, fatty, or greasy scraps can cause severe sickness and diarrhoea that may require emergency treatment. Keep the leftovers for yourself to enjoy and treat your pet to a healthy option instead.”

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Mind the heat

The great British weather can be unpredictable at best, but if we’re lucky enough to have the sun shining on our long weekend of fun, it’s important to keep our pets safe from heatstroke.

Nina advises: “If you plan on spending the day outside with your furry friend, always make sure they have somewhere in the shade to rest and have plenty of water available to keep them hydrated. As flat-faced dogs struggle to regulate their body temperature, they can overheat (even when the weather doesn’t seem too hot to us), so avoid taking them out in the heat of the day. Remember to check the pavement isn’t too hot before heading out, as footpaths can reach unsafe temperatures for sensitive paws.”

Learn more about heatstroke or shop our range of cooling products available through our PDSA Pet Store.

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