Simple cardboard tube toy for rabbits

by PDSA | 8 July 2020 #Lifestyle

Like any pet, rabbits can get bored! This tube toy is nice and easy to do at home and will give your bunnies something fun to play with.

Our rabbits love to explore and stay active. Just think – in the wild they’d have fields upon fields to run around in, so sometimes our gardens can be a little boring for them. Not to worry though as there’s lots you can do to keep your bunnies occupied.

Firstly, make sure your bunnies have enough opportunity to exercise every day – visit our free guide for full details on exercising rabbits.

Giving them toys to explore and play with is a great way to keep your bunnies occupied and, most importantly, keep them happy! You don’t even have to spend a lot at a pet shop. You can easily make bunny boredom busters using items from around your home.

We’ve put together instructions for a nice simple toy to make for your rabbits (you could even get the kids to help!).

How to make a toilet roll toy for rabbits

You will need:



1. Stuff some hay into the tube until it’s half full (don’t pack it too tightly the first time so your rabbits can remove the hay easily to begin with)


2. Add the rabbit food or veggies


3. Fill the rest of the tube with hay


4. Repeat with several tubes using different fillings in the middle


See, we told you it was simple! Remember to change your rabbits’ toys regularly so they don’t get bored, and with feeding toys like these replace them every day to avoid any food going bad in them and harming your bunnies.

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