Vet Q&A: How can I keep my rabbits warm in cold weather?

by PDSA | 18 November 2019 #VetQ&As

Rabbits are used to being outside, but when the temperature starts to drop even they can feel the chill! You’ll need to make some small changes to keep your rabbits warm through the winter months.

As it starts getting colder, the first thing you need to do is make sure your rabbits have extra bedding to keep them warm. You can also pop a blanket over their hutch but make sure you leave gaps for ventilation. This should help when it’s a little chilly.

If temperatures start to drop to freezing, we’d really recommend moving your rabbits’ hutch indoors. A shed or car-free garage are perfect places for their hutch over colder months. Don’t forget that they will still need space to exercise.

If you can’t bring your rabbits’ home indoors, then thick blankets or an old bit of carpet can be used over the top of their hutch to help insulate it and keep the heat in. You’ll need to make sure that air can still move freely, though!

Remember to check your rabbits’ water regularly to make sure it hasn’t frozen. Make sure you still give them extra bedding hay even if their hutch is indoors as they’ll really appreciate being able to snuggle up in colder weather.

For more information on keeping your rabbits warm in winter, read our advice page.

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