Vet Q&A: Should we get a pet for Christmas?

by PDSA | 2 December 2019 #VetQ&As

Christmas is a lot of fun, but can be really chaotic. We’re often asked if it’s OK to get a pet at Christmas.

Christmas is a really exciting time of year and can be busy for us all. There’s no ‘perfect’ time to get a new pet, but it’s important that you’re definitely ready to take on the commitment before you get one and have the time to let them settle in in a calm environment.

One of the reasons we tend to advise against getting a pet at Christmas is because it’s such a busy (and noisy!) time of the year which can be really stressful for a new pet trying to settle in. Our pets love consistency and routine, but Christmas is traditionally a time when we get lots of visitors and lots of new things which can be upsetting for our pets.

Also – and we’re not saying this is every owner – but some owners might rush into the decision to get a pet at Christmas because their children want one. If you’ve thought through your decision, know you can provide everything your pet will need to be happy and healthy, and are able to provide a calm environment for your pet to settle into then Christmas can be a good a time as any for a new pet. Obviously, though, a quieter time of year would be a better choice.

Now the decision is completely down to you, but we’d always recommend doing loads of research first and seeing if there’s a better time to bring a new pet into your home. You can read more information about getting a pet at Christmas on our website and if you decide against, we’ve also got some handy tips on how to tell the kids ‘no’!

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