Why older pets can be great

by PDSA | 13 January #Lifestyle

Sure, puppies and kittens are cute, but sometimes an older pet might be the perfect match. Adopting an older pet can be a great choice for some owners.

When it comes to getting a new pet, rescue centres are often full of pets of all ages looking for new loving homes. You might have noticed that puppies and kittens get reserved quite quickly, while older pets can be overlooked.

Obviously when you’re choosing a pet, you need to pick the right one for you. If you talk to your local rehoming centre they’ll often be able to give you advice on your best match and make suggestions based on your lifestyle and family. But if you see a more mature pet and are tempted to overlook them, we’d encourage you to reconsider! There are loads of great reasons adopting a golden oldie can be the perfect match for you.


Older pets tend to be calmer

Older cat on sofa

Let’s face it, puppies and kittens have zero chill. They are little boxes of energy who always seem to want to play the minute you find time to put your feet up. For some families, this can be a good thing, but if you want a companion who’s happy to sit with you and watch TV in the evenings then an older pet could be perfect.


You know how big they’re going to get

Older shepherd breed dog on the beach

This is more the case with dogs, but sometimes you can’t really be sure how big a puppy or kitten may grow, especially if they’re a cross-breed. With an older pet, they’re already fully grown so you know they won’t outgrow your home!


They’re usually already socialised

Ginger cat asleep on top of washing machine

Older pets have a lot of experience of the world already and chances are they’re already well socialised with a variety of experiences, people and other pets. Now this isn’t necessarily the case for all older pets, but more often than not they’re a little wiser to the world (and possibly less likely to freak out over the washing machine).


Older pets have big personalities

Cat yawning outside

Now we’re not saying all puppies or kittens are the same, but as they grow their personalities seem to get more individual to them (less ball of crazy energy). With an older pet, you can guarantee they’ll be a complete individual and have a quirky personality to them that’s unlikely to be like other pets.


They’ll be your best friend for life

Older Golden Retriever on sofa with owner

There’s nothing scientific behind this, but lots of owners who have adopted say that they bond quickly with their older pet. This could be because kennels and catteries can be stressful and they’re glad to have a home, or it could just be that older pets sometimes prefer spending lots of time with their owner. Either way, your older pet will be a loyal companion for life.


If you’re thinking of getting a new pet, don’t forget to check out our advice pages and take our quiz to find the best pet for you!

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