Why pets are better than people

by PDSA | 10 February #Justforfun

Our pets are definitely part of our family, and you know what? We may be biased, but sometimes our pets are so much better than people for a lot of reasons!

OK, we’re not saying people are bad, but we’ve yet to meet a pet we don’t like. There are loads of benefits to owning a pet and sometimes coming home to a pet is a lot better than coming home to a person. So this Valentine’s Day, if you don’t have a significant other but do have a pet, you’re probably better off than most.

Why do we say this? Because pets are better than people, and here’s why!


They’re always happy to see you

Happy Beagle looking at camera

Whether you’ve just popped to the shops for half an hour or left the room your pet is in for five minutes, they’re always so pleased to see you come back. Some pets (cats) might not show this in the most conventional ways, but our pets are never sad to see us and they always make us feel loved.

They don’t argue

Happy cat asleep on blanket

We’ve all had many a deep meaningful chat with our pets – they’re great listeners. Why? Because they don’t answer back! While you’re spilling your soul or sharing your bad day at work, you’ll never get a sarcastic comment or even an eye roll from your pet and you can give them a fuss to make you feel better.

They don’t leave dirty socks all over the house

Puppy on dog bed with toy

Maybe fur on the sofa is a bit of an issue (we’ve got you covered – check out our fur-busting tips here) but at least you’re not finding dirty washing all over the house. A bit of shedding is definitely acceptable – after all, they can’t help it or clear it up. But someone else leaving the socks they’ve been out running in in the living room? Not OK.

They’re not going to judge you

Cat brushing up against man's legs

Just eaten an entire pizza to yourself? Smashed a whole packet of biscuits? Couldn’t be bothered to wash your hair today? You’re not going to hear any comments from your pet! They’ll never tell you off for not going to the gym (actually they’d probably rather you spent that time with them instead) or for keeping bananas in the fridge. Which some people do.

They love you no matter what

Brown puppy on cushion looking at camera

As long as we’re providing everything our pets need and are generally great owners, they’ll love us no matter what and show it every day. That's why PDSA exists - to help people and their pets stay together. At PDSA we offer treatment to poorly pets whose owners have fallen on hard times, but we can't do this without your help. Find out more about us, why we need you and how you can help to save lives and keep families together.

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