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Things to know before taking your pet on public transport

by PDSA | 18 August

Trains, buses, and taxis are great for getting people from A to B - but what about pets? Thankfully, public transport can still open up a world of adventure for you and your furry friend, as long as you’re well prepared and have checked if your pet will be welcome too.

Taking your dog for a countryside walk

by PDSA | 17 August

Enjoying the Great British countryside with your dog is a wonderful experience. It's a great way of exercising your dog and is the ideal place to bond.

PDSA vet teams reveal six of the most common emergency cases they treat

by PDSA | 4 August

We spoke to PDSA vet teams who have uncovered six of the most common emergencies they see coming through the doors of our pet hospitals.

Summer allergies: how to protect your pets from pollen

by PDSA | 3 August

Did you know that pets can suffer from pollen allergies just like humans? Summer days can bring about high pollen counts and that may mean irritation and misery for pets with hay fever.


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