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Vet Q&A: How do I keep my pet safe from de-icing products?

by PDSA | 24 November 2021

As winter looms and cars and paths begin to get icy, people start reaching for antifreeze and rock salt. Unfortunately, these products, amongst many of the others we use to melt ice, are dangerous for our pets. Our vets are here to help with their advice on how to keep your four-legged friends safe from de-icing dangers during the winter months.

6 road safety tips for dog owners

by PDSA | 4 November 2021

Walkies are not only good for your dog’s health and happiness – they’re great for us too! For many of us, however, heading out with our four-legged friends involves walking on roads or pavements, which can be dangerous for our dogs if we’re not careful. We all want to keep our pets safe, so here’s 6 tips for protecting dogs around our busy roads!

Ghoulish, gourmet pumpkin dog treats to try this autumn

by PDSA | 2 November 2021

Get your dog involved by baking them some delicious biscuits with cupboard staples and a pumpkin.


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