Young Volunteers

If you're 14 or over and looking for a volunteering opportunity, come and volunteer with PDSA.

We know there are lots of young people who are passionate about animals and want to volunteer in their spare time. Volunteering with PDSA is a great way to gain experience and help thousands of pets across the UK. Volunteering with us also means you'll meet lots of new people and build your confidence. It'll look good on your CV in the future or on any college or university applications.


What volunteering opportunities do PDSA have for young people?

We can offer a variety of different opportunities for volunteering if you're 14 or over. Whether you're in our shops, offices or even in our hospitals, every hour you can give makes a huge difference to us.

Volunteering in our shops

We have charity shops across the country and we're always looking for friendly, enthusiastic people to volunteer for us. We are more than happy to welcome young volunteers in our shops. You'll learn lots of new skills and it's especially good if you want to build your confidence. Working in our shops is diverse, too, as there are different roles you could be doing from helping in our stock room to being face-to-face with our customers. You can find out all about the roles available in our shops online.

Volunteering in our offices

We welcome young volunteers in our offices. Mostly these opportunities are based at our Head Office in Telford. Whether you're looking to get a taster of a certain career or you have a skill to offer, we have departments from finance and marketing to fundraising and volunteering so you're bound to find an opportunity that interests you.

If you're interested in a particular department or have a specialist skill, feel free to contact our volunteering team and they'll do what they can to find you the right opportunity. With us, you'll get to learn how a charity works, gain skills in a specific area of the business and meet loads of new people. If you think you'd like to volunteer in our office, you can find out more information or apply for an opportunity online.

Volunteering in our hospitals

We occasionally have volunteering opportunities available for young volunteers in our hospitals. This could be on reception, in the waiting area or behind the scenes helping with practical animal care. If you’re interested in seeing how a veterinary hospital works, this could be a great opportunity for you.

You’ll learn lots of new skills no matter what area of the hospital you are volunteering in. You’ll need to be reliable, committed, a good team player and love pets of course! If you’d like to volunteer in one of our Pet Hospitals, see what opportunities we have.

Work experience with PDSA

We can offer School Work Experience placements in our shops and offices. If your school allocates time to do work experience, you could get experience in a fast-paced retail environment or behind the scenes at PDSA HQ.

Unfortunately, we can't offer any placements in our hospitals, but we have plenty of other opportunities in our shops and offices that mean you will still be helping animals. If you're interested in doing you School Work Experience with us, get in touch with our team for more information.

The Duke of Edinburgh's Award with PDSA

PDSA in an Approved Activity Provider for the DofE (Duke of Edinburgh's Award). This means that we can provide great Volunteering experience towards the volunteering section for any young people taking on their DofE award.

You can read more about the different opportunities in our shops to see what you would be most suited to. You can also volunteer with other areas of the charity at our Head office in Telford, which is home to the majority of our support teams. Find out more about what we can offer in our offices and get in touch if you'd like to volunteer with us for DofE.