10 things you might not know about rabbits

by PDSA | 11 August #Justforfun

We love our bunny buddies, and this Rabbit Awareness Week (RAW) we’re celebrating how awesome they are!

From their long ears to their fluffy little tails, there’s nothing about rabbits we don’t like. They’ve always been a firm favourite for pet lovers and can be really great for those of us who have the space for them.

It is true, though, that sometimes bunnies can get a little lost under all the dog lovers and cat fanatics. That’s why RAW is the perfect opportunity for us to shout about how great rabbits can be!

Here are some of our favourite rabbit-related facts – don’t forget to share yours with us on social media!


1. Rabbits have a few party tricks

They’re prey animals, but this means they have a lot of hidden talents. Rabbits can rotate their ears 180° to pinpoint exactly where a sound is coming from, and their eyes are on the side of their head meaning they can see nearly 360°.


2. They live a long time

A wild rabbit called Flopsy was the oldest rabbit ever living over 18 years (on average, domestic rabbits can live up to 12 years).


3. Carrots aren’t good for them

Bugs Bunny is not an accurate depiction of how rabbits should eat. Carrots are actually really bad for them because they have so much sugar and not enough fibre! If you want to know what you should be feeding rabbits, check out our free guide.


4. Their poop is important

Rabbits do two different types of poop, one of which they eat. Not so adorable, but it’s actually a really important part of digestion for them.


5. They can’t vomit

Another gross fact for you. Rabbits can’t actually vomit, so it’s super important to keep anything harmful out of their way so they don’t eat it! You can read all about what to avoid in our guides.


6. They’re a bit like cats. Sort of.

Just like cats, baby rabbits are called kittens. They can also purr when they’re happy, by gently chattering their teeth together.


7. Rabbits love company

OK so they might run away from us sometimes (we are very big to them!) but rabbits are actually really sociable animals and love having other bunnies around to bond with. A lonely bunny will get very sad and depressed. Find out more about how to introduce your rabbits to help them become lifelong pals.


8. Their teeth never stop growing

Ever wonder why rabbits like to nibble on things? It’s partly because they enjoy it, and partly because they need to. A rabbit’s teeth never stop growing, so they need to be worn down by chewing and can cause real problems if they’re not kept in good condition. Find out more about taking care of your rabbits’ teeth.


9. They’re pretty clean

Rabbits enjoy grooming themselves (and their bunny friends) and get compared to cats because they clean so much. They can even be litter trained!


10. Their ears are big

On average, some rabbit’s ears can grow up to 10cm tall – that’s a lot of ear. This helps them hear pretty much everything going on around them, and cool down in warmer weather.


Want to know more? Find out all about RAW and taking care of rabbits.

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