Low-Cost Valentines Gifts Ideas For Dogs

by PDSA | 13 February 2023 #Lifestyle

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, we’re all looking for cost-effective ways to show those around us that we love them - and there is no exception when it comes to our dogs.

Our own research, here at PDSA, shows that the minimum lifetime cost of owning a dog starts at around £5,000 for a small breed, but can be considerably more. These costs can mount even further around holidays, like Valentine’s Day, when we often feel compelled to splurge on material gifts. But, let’s face it, dogs have no perception of cost so there’s no need to break the bank to show them you love them! Read on to discover our low-cost Valentines gift ideas for your dog.

Gift idea #1) Spend more time with your dog

Spending quality time with your dog doesn’t cost a penny yet is often what brings them the most joy. In fact, ensuring their social needs are met and even just being in your company can improve your dog’s overall wellbeing. Simple things such as taking them on a walk and enjoying the great outdoors together, playing with them, and snuggling on the sofa are all great ways to bond with your four-legged friend.

Gift idea #2) Groom your dog

Grooming your dog is a fantastic bonding activity and has many other health benefits too, including helping to distribute natural oils found within your dog’s coat. It also gives you the chance to check for any skin problems or lumps and bumps that, if caught early, could mean easier and cheaper veterinary treatment for your dog. Of course, grooming costs can vary depending on breed and coat type, and tight-curled coats and long-haired breeds especially will need regular sessions. Therefore, learning how to groom your pooch at home can save you a lot of money, once you’ve purchased the equipment needed.

Gift idea #3) Rotate your dog’s favourite toys

If your dog has plenty of toys already, who’s to say they need any more this Valentine’s Day? While toys are great for playtime and keeping boredom at bay, your dog doesn’t need too many. Rotating them will not only avoid you spending lots of money but will also keep playtime fun and engaging. You can even re-use the same toy for different games – for example, using one for a game of fetch, then hiding it for your dog to find. Plus, aside from being heaps of fun, toys are a great way to keep your dog active. Throwing a toy for your dog to chase and retrieve will not only help them stay fit but is a great way to spend time together too – just avoid using sticks, as these can cause nasty injuries, and balls that are too small or squash down easily, which could be a choking hazard.

So, there you have it - our low-cost Valentines gift ideas for dogs! Want more tips and advice on ensuring your pet remains happy and healthy (without breaking the bank)? Check out our blog post about low-cost ways to care for your pet.

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