What you should consider before purchasing a puppy

by PDSA | 3 June #Lifestyle

Disney’s new film, Cruella, was released last month, and with the return of Dalmatians, it’s sure to be a hot topic of conversation. Though seeing these lovely pooches on-screen might inspire you to have one of your own, there is a lot to consider before bringing a Dalmatian, or any pet, into your home.

Puppies frequently generate emotional responses in humans that give us parental urges. Many of us are experience feelings of calmness and affection when we are around dogs, so it’s no wonder we want them in our lives.

Although it can be tempting to choose a pet based on a beloved film or TV character, getting a pet is a big responsibility – after all, you’re bringing a new family member into your household and this can lead to big changes to your life. And getting a pet that isn’t right for your lifestyle can lead to issues for both you and your pet.


What should you consider before getting a puppy?

  1. Are you prepared to train a puppy and lose some sleep along the way?
  2. Does your lifestyle accommodate a dog?
  3. Have you considered the lifetime costs?
  4. Does your home have enough outdoor space?
  5. Will you have the time to exercise your dog consistently?
  6. Have you factored in unexpected vet bills or the cost of pet insurance?

If you rush into buying a puppy, there are some critical parts of research that could easily be missed. As a society, we have got used to getting things instantly, but this isn’t the ideal approach when it comes to puppy purchasing. It’s essential to do the proper research into your chosen breeder or rescue to avoid ending up with puppies that have been bred poorly, or are from puppy farm. Many reputable breeders could have waiting lists of several months or even years.

The 1996 film 101 Dalmatians saw an increase in the purchase of Dalmatian puppies. There are concerns this may be the same for the most recent film, and this surge may result in Dalmatians needing rehoming in the not-so-distant future if proper thought for their needs isn’t made.

Careful consideration and planning are essential when thinking about buying any puppy. As adorable as the Dalmatians in the film may be, within 12-18 months, your cute puppy will turn into a fully grown dog. Dalmatians, in particular, are a large breed, usually weighing over 20kg, and can be very strong. As they can also be quite long-lived, you’ll need to plan ahead to make sure you can provide for them throughout their lives. Do your research into the breed, as choosing the right breed for your home and lifestyle is important to keep in mind.

Dalmatians are a unique breed, and this can make them popular, but they definitely need an active household so they can go on plenty of adventures. Although exercise requirements will vary for many reasons, including age, health conditions and personality, in general we’d recommend a minimum of two hours of exercise every day for breeds such as Dalmatians, across at least two walks, with plenty of active play to keep them entertained in-between.


How can I ensure my dog stays safe?

Though the beloved story of 101 Dalmatians is very much fictional, it does highlight the importance of pet safety. Although in some parts of the country, it has been reported that there has been an increase in dog theft cases, it’s thankfully still uncommon – but there are some steps you can take to minimise risk.

  • Secure your outside space by checking fences and gates
  • Add padlocks and alarms to deter opportunistic criminals
  • Don’t allow you dog to roam free when you’re out or upstairs
  • Never leave them tied up outside a shop or alone in a car
  • Ensure there is an adult in charge of your dog
  • Use a monitoring app to keep an eye on your dog whilst you’re out

Find out more about your pet’s safety.

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