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Caring for your pet in the summer

by PDSA | 27 August 2021

The summer is a wonderful time for our pets – from lazing in the garden, to summer holidays, there’s plenty to enjoy! However, while we’re busy having fun, there’s some important things to consider to keep our beloved pets safe – here’s our vets’ advice.

Summer hazards for pets

by PDSA | 27 August 2021

Summer is an exciting, fun-filled time for pets and their owners, but the warmer months also present certain hazards for our four legged friends. From heatstroke and sunburn, to insect bites and flystrike, it’s important to protect your pets from summer-related dangers so they can enjoy the warm weather alongside you!

Living in the city with your dog

by PDSA | 18 August 2021

Living in the bustling city is fun and exciting, but it can come with some challenges for our four-legged friends. From choosing an apartment, to navigating city parks, there's lots to consider when living with a pooch in the big city. So whether you're planning a city break or bringing a new dog to your city home, here's our top tips.

8 tasty DIY treats to keep your pet cool!

by PDSA | 17 August 2021

When the weather is hot, it’s important to do all we can to keep our four-legged friends cool and hydrated, so why not get creative? Here’s 8 simple cooling treats that you can make at home for your dogs, cats and small pets to devour!

Top tips for keeping your cat cool in summer

by PDSA | 17 August 2021

We all know how to keep ourselves cool in the hot summer sunshine, but do you know how to protect your feline friends? Keeping your cat cool, happy and healthy over the summer months is essential – here's our top tips!

6 signs your dog is putting on weight

by PDSA | 16 August 2021

Excessive weight can put our beloved dogs at a higher risk of developing arthritis and shortened life expectancy. Obesity also contributes to numerous health problems we see in dogs, such as breathing problems, back problems and even cancer. Keeping a watchful eye on your dog’s waistline will help to keep them happy and healthier for longer.


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