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Homemade Christmas dinner recipe for cats and dogs

by PDSA | 13 December 2023

Get your furry friend into the Christmas spirit with this vet-approved, homemade pet recipe!

Build your own cardboard cat house

by PDSA | 7 December 2023

Our beloved feline friends provide so much love to us – so why not treat and build them their own cardboard cat house?

Is pet insurance worth it?

by PDSA | 6 December 2023

If you are feeling the pinch due to the cost of living crisis, you might have found yourself looking closely at your bank statement and wondering what you can do to make things a little easier on your wallet.

How much does pet insurance cost?

by PDSA | 6 December 2023

Having a pet is wonderful and rewarding; there’s no doubt about it.

Dangerous Christmas decorations to be aware of if you’re a pet owner

by PDSA | 17 November 2023

For many families, adding all the festive touches to the home is one of the most magical parts of Christmas. From twinkly lights around the tree to delicate snow globes on the windowsill, our homes are transformed overnight to celebrate the festive season.

Vet Q&As: Pets and antibiotics

by PDSA | 17 November 2023

Since the marvellous discovery of penicillin back in 1928, infections have been much easier to treat. Antibiotics have completely transformed modern medicine, saving the lives of countless people and pets.


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