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Beat the heat: How to keep your dog cool in summer

by PDSA | 29 July

Summer is here, and while we're keen to make the most of the hot, sunny weather while it lasts, our dogs can often struggle in the heat. Luckily, there’s lots of things we can do to keep them cool and help them enjoy the summer – here are our top tips!

Vet Q&A: How can I help my lockdown dog feel less fearful around other dogs?

by PDSA | 19 July

With lockdown restrictions finally ending, we can start thinking about getting back to some sort of normality – hooray! However, whether your pup is a lockdown doggy or has just become used to staying at home, the end of restrictions may be a difficult transition.

8 steps to safely exercising your dog in hot weather

by PDSA | 12 July

We know how important exercise is when keeping our dogs’ body and mind healthy, but knowing how to exercise them safely on blazing hot days while preventing overheating, can be difficult. With the weather set to heat up, we’ve put together 8 steps to take when safely exercising your pooch in the heat!

Planning the perfect dog friendly staycation

by PDSA | 9 July

Lockdown restrictions have finally ended and we can take a well-deserved break. Why not involve your four-legged friend and plan a UK staycation with your favourite pooch this summer?

How to involve your dog on your wedding day

by PDSA | 6 July

Your wedding is a day when you want to celebrate with those you love the most and there’s no denying that your dog is probably at the top of your list! Dogs are our four-legged best friends, so it’s understandable that for many people it simply wouldn’t feel right to celebrate their special day without them.

How to play safe ball games with your dog

by PDSA | 5 July

Football is the buzzword this summer, and with the warmer weather making its best effort to stay, a game or two of football is all the more tempting. However, you might need to make some adjustments to the game if you want to involve your dog. Why not get your dog involved in the Euro 2020 fun with our recommended, safe ball games.


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